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Show all Bagan golf courses. Show all Kalaw golf courses. See all Taungyi golf courses. Myanmar golf guide with the best golf courses, golf holidays and packages at this great Asian golf course. One of Myanmar's most popular sports is golf, and quality golf courses are located in the countryside.

Nyaung Oo Golf Club - Bagan

Gulf travel in Myanmar was mainly designed by the Myanmar authorities, but there are many privately owned companies targeting a broad spectrum of people. In 1992 the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education and Research began promoting the tourist industry in the state. But less than 750,000 visitors come to the state every year. 1 ] Aung San Suu Kyi has asked that foreign visitors not come to Myanmar.

Perhaps the most thrilling message about golf in Myanmar is that Myanmar's most accomplished golf player, PGA Tour Champion, Asian Tour Order of Merit Champion and youngest chairman of the Asian Route, Kyi Hla Han, then known as the "Burmese Bandit" on the Burmese racetrack, has come back to his native land with the mission of raising golf to an unprecedented global standard and making Myanmar a tempting golf trip that highlights the apparently enchanting goals throughout the state.

A characteristic co-designer with Myotha National's own Myotha National global designers Schmidt/Curley and his own office, Kyi Hla Han Golf Designs is already in the pipeline for several first-class up-grades and a few new courses at key tourist destinations. It is even referred to as a multi-country golf path and a local golf path that is reachable by luxurious boats and takes gamers through rugged areas where they have the opportunity to experience the most evocative and genuine facets of Burma's golfing and cultural life.

He points to colder highlands in the Shan state and the west beaches of Ngapoli as areas ready for the kind of experience and adventurous holidays many golfers are looking for today. The tourist industry has been encouraged by interest groups to bring financial benefits to Burma's civilian population and to prevent isolation of the nation from the outside world.

Votes for Myanmar, a pro-democracy advocacy group, says: "We believe that a small, sustainable tourist industry can do more good than bad. As long as Myanmar's golfers are fully conscious of the current state of affairs and take measures to maximize their benefit and minimize their negative effects, we believe that their overall visits can be an advantage.

Conscientious travelers can help Myanmar primarily by providing financial support to community and small business and increasing global understanding of the state. "Irrespective of this, most stakeholders are discouraging it. Notwithstanding the apparently state charges, the minister of hotels and travel, Majgeneral Saw Lwin, who does not golf in Myanmar, recently acknowledged that the administration is receiving a significant proportion of the revenue from tourist industry use.

In Myanmar, not to speak of the fact that only a very small percentage of poor simple folk ever see any kind of tourist related cash. Trial golf in Myanmar for something else in Asia. Myanmar golf is a relatively new type of golf, but there are a number of decent 9- and 18-hole courses throughout the state.

We have 18 golf courses in Yangon (City Golf Resort), Bagan (Bagan Nyaung Oo Golf Club), Mandalay (Mandalay Hill Golf Course) and Taunggyi (Aye Thar Yar Golf Course). You can also find 9-hole courses at Mt Popa & Ngapali Str. The courses are designed for the use of guests and are internationally recognised.

This is a better course schedule. You can use our guide, drivers and car while you play golf in the golf course. Situated at the bottom of Mandalay Hill near the Novotel Hotel, it features an 18-hole course. There' s a 9-hole golf course 10 min by car from the sea.

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