Burma Golf Club

Myanmar Golf Club

Most Myanmar cities have at least one golf course, if not more. For example, Yangon {Rangoon} has many golf courses. Myanmar Golf Courses Golf is an internatonal sport and there is hardly a land in the whole wide globe without a golf course and Myanmar {Burma} is no exeption. Most Myanmar cities have at least one golf course, if not more. Rangoon {Rangoon}, for example, has many golf courts.

A designated Pun Huing golf course created by Gary Player is said to be of the highest standards in the United States.

The Bagan golf course lies between centuries-old coughies and the Ayetharya golf course is wonderfully situated in the shade of the haze of the haze of the blue hills of Sshan State. A lot of people had known about Mt. Popa, but only a few know that there is also a golf course there. A golf course, one of the oldest in the land, is located in Thayetmyo in central Myanmar.

It' said to have associations with the famed St. Andrews Golf Course and had just turned 100 years straight a few years back.

Yangon Golf, Myanmar | Paul Jansen: Golf Architect and Global Traveler

Gulf began in Burma (now Myanmar) as early as 1887. Thayet GC - about 220 leagues from Rangoon (now Yangon) - was the first golf course constructed by the British. With the popularity of the sport increasing, more golf courts were constructed and today there are over 100 golf courts - with one in almost every area.

Rangoon Golf Club (now Yangon Golf Club) was founded in 1909. Rangoon Golf Club was then an almost entirely monopolist diversion for the entire Egyptian society (finally until after the Second Worid Peace and Myanmar became independent in 1948). Not until 1954 did Rangoon Golf Club choose its first Myanmar skipper - U Cho.

The Burmese Golf Association was established in 1957 to better organize the match and coordinate the increasing number of golf schools. There are over a doze of golf courts in and around Yangon today. It is a favourite sports and shows no sign of declining. The Yangon GC is located about 12 leagues northeast of the town centre in the Danyingon area.

Yangon Golf Club is located in the City Golf Club, the Defence Golf Club and the Dagon GC (which is under construction). It is difficult to name a much better land with almost 100 golf courses within a few miles. This is one of the main reason why the Myanmar experience is so beloved, and the costs of the experience are not too high.

In addition, most golf courses are not only members. The Yangon GC (perhaps the most after Myanmar Golf Club) is only $7 for the local population. Yemon Island GC on the edge of the town is as little as $2, golf would be even more affordable if more folks could buy golf sticks at the starting bid.

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