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Pictures of hundreds of thousands of Rohingya fleeing Burma.

Photo-journalist Greg Constantine went to Bangladesh in 2006 to record Rohingya Muslims from Burma who had escaped their houses. In the next 10 years he came back many a time and created the volume E-xiled to Nowhere: Burma's Rohingya in 2012. After that, he was put on the black list and in 2016 exported from Burma for his story.

Constantine came back to the frontier in mid-September with reports of growing acts of atrocity against the Rohingya after the Myanmar army started a drive against the Islamic minorities, which the United Nations has since called "a prime example of racial cleansing". In recent months, about half a million displaced persons have escaped their houses in Burma - the quickest refugee expulsion from a unique land since the Rwanda massacre.

Thursday saw the drowning of a dozen Rohingya escapees off the Bangladeshi coastline after their boats keel over in harsh seas. By the time ten thousand Rohingya arrive in Bangladesh every single working hour, the camp is bloated, with emergency accommodation of several kilometres in the form of shelter made of wood and plastics. Helpers say most of the Rohingya there are expecting wives and mother with infants and youngsters.

Konstantin spent two whole week photographing these extensive frontier encampments to record the shocking tales of displaced people who have forgotten everything and are now fighting to make a living.

Burma: Sat images show massive fire damage

CHRISTINE STATE christine state, said today. Pictures from the Muslim Rohingya-Dorf Chein Khar Li in Rathedaung show 700 burnt houses, an almost complete demolition of the town. Burma's authorities should provide urgent humanitarian aid to the country's own observers to identify the source of the fire and evaluate accusations of serious violation of humanitarian law by Rohingya refugees who have escaped to neighbouring Bangladesh.

Humans Rights Watch detected a whopping 700 ruined edifices in Chein Khar Li from an image acquisition on August 31, 2017. These pictures show that 99 per cent of the town has been wiped out. These images are based on previously released Human Rights Watch collection showing that burns occurred at 17 different locations in North Rakhine State between 25 and 30 August 2017.

These burns followed a co-ordinated attack by Rohingya raids by Rohingya raiders of the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Force (ARSA) on the mornings of August 25, 2017 against tens of Burma's policing and checkpoint units, administration agencies and an armed forces team. In the early afternoons of August 25, satellite first discovered live fire in the Koe Tan Kauk community wing in Rathedaung, where Chein Khar Li is now.

Two neighboring towns just off the northern and southern coast of Chein Khar Li (Muslim village) have been featured in the Koe Tan Kaung and Chein Khar Li (an ethnical town with the same official name as the ruined village) images. The Human Rights Watch analyses show that the large areas that are shown as burned in the images are very likely to have been burned.

Burma's Burma authorities have held ARSA fighters and Rohingya village dwellers, who the authorities claim have burned their own houses, responsible for the arson. They have not provided any proof of these assertions, nor have they ever proved similar assertions by the administration during the cremation of Rohingya sites between October 2016 and December 2016.

The Human Rights Watch and others have found that Burma's military personnel have intentionally started these atrocities. Many Rohingya escapees who recently escaped from various other communities in Rakhine's north Rakhine state to Bangladesh reported to Human Rights Watch that Burma's troops and cops burnt down their houses and launched gun strikes on their people.

A lot of these Rohingya escapees were suffering from recent gunshot and scrapie injuries. Burma's authorities should immediately issue visa to the three commissaries of the fact-finding missions nominated by the United Nations Human Rights Council.

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