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Accueil - Delivery - Menu - Lunch Special - Catering - Opening Hours - Contact - About us - Experience Burma Restaurant & Bar. Burmese Myanmar Restaurant - 186 pictures & 225 reviews - 7810 Lee Hwy, Falls Church, VA - Restaurant Reviews - Phone number - Menu Non-tretentious Myanmar food in a non-pretentious environment. It' really good and I ate at some Burma places in DC and SF. lettuce, crisp lettuce and the peel of tomatoes and toofu. Be sure to tell them how sharp you want it or they will be picking for you!

And if you like Myanmar food, don't come here. All we ordered tastes sub-par to the other places I've been in Burma. Sea food coir had hardly any sea food, was lacking a lot of coir milky flavour and simply did not have a very good aroma. The mango salad and tea salad were a disappointment and one-dimensional.

Usually I just adore Burma lettuce. Kind of sad,'cause they seem to have a fan base. It was a cozy, friendly and genuine place. It had an interesting spicy taste and then a very savoury after-taste.

Others critics noted that it is a Myanmar paper clip, so I'm happy I've tried it, but rehearse would order again. - Kid curry: It was slightly cute and full of herbs. It was not the toughest of goats (not even the tenderest). roti: we ordered 1 per one and it went well with the goats in curries.

  • Ziegendarm and Leber -Curry: we have not ordered this court..... it was put on us deceptively (note below). We didn't know that when they offered us something to "taste", which really means to sell us a full meal..... and it was $15!

Ok, so here are my top 5 articles, which are definitely well-worthy when you visit the place for the first visit (although, frankly, a part of me would be nothing better than to go back and make a lunch out of all the salads): marinated tealeaf salad - totally excellent and a food that is one of a kind in Burma cuisine.

3rd Mangosalad - made here with hardly sugary garlic I could slightly chew heaps. Goats curry - well boiled and seasoned, it was good balance and had just enough gravy not to be overpowering. Regarding service: The personnel do not try to make an impression à la Michelin (e.g. with observant waiters), but rather to be extremely kind and kind.

For the first while I had Myanmar food, I thought it was very similar to Indonesian food until I had the lettuce of herbs. For me it was something unique to Burma and one of my favourite dishes. As we walked away, the impoverished, lonely waiter they had looked more and more exhausted.

While I can see where the complaint about the services comes from, I think if you expect good food and poor customer care, it will be well. Herbed beef curry (4/5): Creamy caramelised onion green tea leaf salad (4/5):

However, the food was delicious and I look forward to trying even more things on the meal list. That food I had there is a bad dream. There was no burmesian food at all. This is because I previously had the real Myanmar people in Taste of Burma in the city. I' ve ordered a pasta meal with marmalade.

You can' t see the personnel until you approach your desktop and call them. I have to clean the whole thing off with my lip. Here we serve genuine Myanmar food. Got to go if you like tasty food. Their food is prepared according to Asiatic foodstuffs.

Therefore, it is best to ask for your food a little less pungent, greasy or savoury if you prefer. It is a family-run hotel that always offers exquisite food and flavours like in Myanmar. It' s humble and could use some refurbishment.... maybe there's a waitress who seems a little distant and absent-minded (I assume he's a member of the family).... but if you're looking for bombshell food here, that's where you should be.

The Nangyi Thoke pasta (tough uton pasta with groundnut powders, eggs, fried pieces of Garlic and other piquant delicacies), roasted toffu aperitif, boiled twice boiled pig meat, seasoned veal with curries, mutton curve, tamarind-fish-curry, sautéed perennial fishi, tanarind.

This side should also contain clear noodle poultry stock to clean your taste buds when you eat all these different and extremely tasty cuisines. Dining in this little place is REALLY GOOD! Enjoying the zamosas and egg roll, the marinated greensalad, the spicy sea food and the curried coconuts.

Looks like a small business, and we were there on Sunday afternoons, so the worship was fast and alert. Poorest ever aftersales services! This food is tasty and genuine, but I've never had such a bad experience as this. They weren't even engaged to my fiance and I was the only client and yet they couldn't provide a proper one.

Genuine Myanmar food and the right amount of spices. Reminded me to go home to a family member with the best kind of comfortfood. I love the lady who owns it, such a lovely girl, I just hopefully she will never stop preparing this cuisine. Outstanding food, but the wait is a little sluggish and unobservant.

This food compensates for the services, so I would strongly suggest it. This place is really good food! Different articles are hot, some even if "mild" can be hot, but that will depend on how hot you like it and what you can use it. Cress lettuce is good and has done so several time.

Goats curries are really good and can be very hot. Also I strongly suggest you try choké son, a cool Myanmar pasta soup. Services are always a mix. The food is delicious, sometimes a slower delivery is worthwhile. For the first one I try my Myanmar food and I give this place 4 Thumb up ( that is together with two toe, peeps).

Some of my colleagues in Burma have made the decision that this place is a must, so let's go! They are the ideal mixture of spice and warmth, the pasta is simply well spiced, the greensalad was just like everyone loved it, and the desert and cakes from Burma are a great ending to a very warm noon!

Services and equipment: It is a jewel in the background, so don't wait for your bed linen with the trendy services. Await good food and lean back. We had to call the waiters a few calls and the services were on time. We' re looking at some of her seafood recipes to try next, and I'm definitely back for this savoury veal shortcrust.

This food is really tasty and from what we have hear from our best buddies, it is genuine Myanmar food. I' d strongly advise you to get the green tea leaf lettuce. Chilli chickens are a tasty season, but be cautious if you can't deal with quite hot dishes. I' ve eaten this kind of food a lot in Cali and this place is not up to date.

A lot of folks say you don't come to Asiatic places to help yourself - only the food is important. Don't wait for good services here, wait for the worse. But, on the other hand, you'll be back years after years just to eat. Give us a call in advance to make sure it opens and is available for servicing before you enter.

I often went to dinner around 1 p.m. Let's discuss Burma's cooking here. I' m never disappointed in this food. Born and raised in the north of Thailand, near Burma (Myanmar, whatever you might call it), the food here brings me nearer to my home town than in the Abstract American "Thai" NoVA area.

You have to try.... all the curries you prefer: The goats are very well cooked with every order. Veal crème with crumbs, pork crème with cucumber mangos, chicken crème with spuds. Squid (...calamari) and herb and tomato salad: The softening of the dressing on paddy brings you nearer to the Asiatic Nirwana.

Chocolate fried pasta "Ohn-no cheese swè": Delicious, slightly aromatic, smooth stock with chickens and cooked eggs on pasta. They are very similar curried pasta dishes, even the name sounds very similar.

Very recommendable# -Fully fried with piquant sauces. Conserved tealeaf lettuce. Potted tealeaf, you ask? Services: Which services? Marinated lettuce, curried coconuts, and spiced curried meat were all astonishing. They were quick and kind. For the second year in Myanmar. It is difficult to say whether the food has actually altered or whether the innovation of experiencing it is no longer there.

There was the wentat, all the fried crunchy cod (tilapia), chickpeasalad, lettuce and chestnut mangos. It had a harder, less nutty taste than I recall. It contrasts strongly with the lettuces we had in Burma Superstar in Oakland, the only other Myanmar food shop we went to that was fresher and more vegetarian.

The last one we got the curried and it had a pronounced acid flavour that we really had. It' difficult to say whether this is just a fiddly mind or whether the food is really different. Favourite place on the eastern shore! Courts are genuine! We were so lucky we came here for three and a half hour to eat!

When you are not accustomed to Myanmar cooking, it will not be right for you, as Myanmar cooking can be greasy and herbal! This is a great place for delicious, unforgettable Myanmar cuisines! I am a big admirer of other South East Asiatic cuisines, so I was thrilled to try Myanmar food at the Myanmar Restaurant for the first one.

and the crunchy chickpeas that were all delectable. There was a relaxed and unadorned ambience, the food definitely bore the epicure.

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