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Myanmar Food List

You can quickly jump to one of the following sections for the food lists:. View more ideas about tea lettuce, Burmese food and leaves. Myanmar food can be delicious, but also such a challenge for the stomach. We had an endless list of options. Burma Food and Drink Guide.

You have to try the best - food in Myanmar.

Though food in Myanmar is affected by its neighbours, it still has its own uniqueity. Each of the meals and refreshments on this list are exquisite, local and provide a great chance to discover the Myanmar's genuine and subtle cuisine. Myanmar always has this meal on its list of best meals.

It' a consoling pasta and one of Burma's mainstays. This consists of pasta made from delicate ricegrass, which is eaten when fish is herb-fished, and a savoury shallots-based stock, often complemented by crisp herbs. It is often eaten for breakfasts, but is also available throughout the whole working week from local shops, teahouses and merchants.

Cut hard-boiled eggs and kyaw, crunchy fry and / or glasses of hardened pastes are available as option. Season the meal with lime juices and / or dry chilli fluffs. Lettuce Thoke or Lephet Leave is the most popular meal in Myanmar. Mix this lettuce of marinated tealeaves with bitterness and chopped kale, chopped tomato, crunchy roasted green coffee seeds, walnuts and herbs.

The locals believe that if humans would eat too much Lephet Thoke, they would not be able to get a moment's shuteye. No Kauk Swe is one of the favourite meals of the Myanmar folk and is often eaten for breakfasts. This is made from pasta with a curry mixture of fowl and curry and coconut curd. It is often decorated with crispy roasted beans, chopped onion, chilli, crunchy pasta and thin strips of hard-boiled eggs.

In Myanmar, curry is regarded as the basis of cooking. Ngapi Ye is a seafood dressing with a aqueous texture and Balachaun is a mixture of chilli, garlic and shrimps. Most of the sandwiches found on the streets or in teashops consist of Samosas, vernal scrolls, spicy beignets, candy, bread and many pasta meals covered with akyaw-fried toppings.

A remarkable meal that is particularly deserving of discovery is a buthi kyaw baked and pumpkin-fry. Serve warm, the crunchy dough hides a smooth and slightly aqueous inside of delicate pumpkin. French fries are usually accompanied by a sweet-sour Tamarinde dipping, which can be made spicy with beans.

Burgundians like " dried " pasta meals, mainly pasta-based " lettuce " and perhaps the most delicious and omnipresent is Nan Gyi Thoke. Serve with thick and round pasta, hen, thin pieces of seafood pie, half-cooked kidney beans, and thin pieces of hard-boiled eggs. In Myanmar, locals like to drink something sweets with their teas in the mornings or evenings, sometimes both.

It is made from a tasty mixture of coir, riceflour, tapioca, coir milks and fruits. Shan State' s most frequently associated meal is this thin, shallow pasta in a clear soup, peppered with sautéed hen or pig, garnish with roasted seeds and a dash of olive leaf topping.

In comparison to most of Burma pasta meals it is easy, but delectable. Known as "warm tofu", Hto-hpu-new is one of the most loved traditional meals of the ethnical Shan in the north of Myanmar. In spite of the name of the Tofun, the meal does not really contain either but a thick paste of chick peameal. Serve in thin pasta, aminated pieces of pig meat or hen and coated with a coat of chilli topping.

The Myanmar Teashops are not just a place to indulge in small cup of sweetened teas or milks. For more information about other delicious Myanmar food and dining options and the best options for you, please get in touch with our experts.

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