Burma Flag 2016

Burmese flag 2016

The new Myanmar flag was adopted on 21 October 2010. It is a horizontal tricolor with yellow, green and red stripes; a large white five-pointed star is in the center of the flag. A printable map of Myanmar (Burma). Myanmar Republic flag 2010.

Myanmar's current official flag was adopted in 2010.

Myanmar's flag

Myanmar's new banner was adopted on 21 October 2010. It is a tricolour with orange, blue, green or orange stripe; a large five-pointed five-pointed square is in the centre of the banner. Banner ratio is 6:9 (height to width). The colour amber in the banner stands for solidary action, the colour greens for peacefulness, tranquillity and flora, the colour reds for bravery and determination and the whitestar stands for the reunification of the state.

With this new logo, the former Soviet Union banner (adopted on 3 January 1974) will be replaced. Collections of flagsites, prints and student activity.

Myanmar Top Ten Flags

Myanmar's present officially-flagged nation was adopted in 2010. Introduction of the new banner and change of name of the state. In the middle, the blank square symbolizes the unit of the different ethnical groups that make up Myanmar. Whilst Burma was a Burma Army Junior, this banner showed 14 flags that represented Myanmar's membership as an association of 7 Burma division and 7 nationalities.

It was the first formal banner of Burma and can sometimes still be seen on the roofs of homes. Peafowl is a symbolic of the Myanmar Empire and the empress. It was designed during the Second World War, when Burma was non-officially inspected by Japan.

The" Hinomaru" banner was flying in Burma just after the Japanese'liberated' the land from the British. It is a Burmese nation whose flags are the flags of the Third Burmese Empire. A number of folks believe that this release should have been the banner of contemporary Myanmar. CDU/CSU Jack Kanton, with a peach attack, taken from the Third Burmese Empire flagg.

The classical Myanmar banner shows the nation's icon - a pepper - on a simple blank area. This is the banner of the Bago banner, the Hindha (Hamsa) birds on a pasture. It' the hinthawk, the mon people's icon. When you want to explore Myanmar, you should consider one of our customisable routes, such as:

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