Burma Flag 2016

Burmese flag 2016

Read on this time to learn all about Myanmar's colourful flag. "4" x 6" stick flag. Inhabitants (2016): 54,363,000 (26.); total area: Myanmar's flag is relatively new as it was adopted in 2010.

$P = Union Solidarity and Development Party 2011-2016, est.

Colourful flag of Myanmar decoded

The last we spoke about the flag of Sri Lanka. Continue reading this week to find out all about Myanmar's colorful flag. But before we find out about Myanmar's flag and its story, let us first of all find out what this is about. Burma is known as the'Golden Land', thanks to its sparkling shimmeringagodas.

There is a colorful ethnical group and astonishing art and crafts. Let us now take a look at the country's colorful flag. Myanmar's first flag was adopted on 3 January 1974 and flown until 21 October 2010. It had a square in the top right hand side of the flag with a square.

It had 14 five-pointed star-shaped whites that enclosed a 14 tooth cogwheel and a tang. 14 star and 14 cogged represent the 14 Burmese administration units. It was a symbol of bravery in color and a symbol of calm in color.

A new flag (now current) and a new constitutional was adopted in 2010. Burma's flag during World War II was the inspirational flag. In the center of the flag is a five pointed five-pointed asterisk. It symbolizes the hopes for the reunification of all those who live in the land.

Paints used on the flag are actually pan-African and are mainly used in banners of Africa like Kenya, Ghana and also in the flag of Southern Africa. The Myanmar flag has been mistaken for that of an Asian state.

So what does the Myanmar flag mean?

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