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Burma/Myanmar Flag, 1973-2010

The flag was adopted on 27 December 1973 (constitutional date: 3 January 1974), the crest was adopted in 1974. It is a flag emblazoned in scarlet colour with a green dot. A cogwheel and a fourteen five-pointed star padded canary. At any rate, the height of the hitch appears to be slightly higher than half the length of the hitch, while the length is less than half the length of the hitch.

Myanmar is a flag shown by the Myanmar authorities with reasonable frequencies, especially near large crossings of megacities. The Myanmar flag can be seen above personal facilities, but it is a bit infrequent. Practically all the banners I saw in Myanmar were made of wide fabric, and the flag of the Myanmar is inscribed. The flag was adopted on January 3, 1974, the year Burma became the Socialist Republic of the Burmese Federation.

It has a square national flag with a deep yellow backdrop and a deep yellow flag in the upper right area. There is a sprocket and fourteen equally sized whites set in the canton's deep bluish area. Sprocket centre is the same as the centre of the bluecanton.

It has fourteen equally sized teeth and two 34 -grain pads in it. Out of the three colors of the flag, the colors orange stands for bravery and determination, orange for cleanliness and virtues, and deep green for freedom and serenity. The 1947 Constitution stipulates in Section 215: "The national flag shall be square and scarlet with a deepblue canton.

A five-pointed large whitestar with five smaller asterisks is to stand between the dots in the city. Nine by five meters and the flag measures four by two and a half meters in the city. The national flags of other size shall correspond as far as possible to the above mentioned proportion.

" In contrast to the 1947 Constitution, Article 190 of the 1974 Constitution provides that "The State Flag is as shown below" together with the image of the State Flag. A new name for the Union of Burma, no flag changes. A new name for the Union of Myanma, no flag changes. It was introduced (in its present form) by Decree 109 of the Revolutionary Council, issued in the Rangoon Guardian on December 27, 1973.

Myanmar's present coat of arms was formally adopted on 3 January 1974 under Art. 191/192 of the Union of Myanmar Constitutional Treaty, adopted by the last year's nationwide referenda. That is why the term "socialist republic" has been removed from the logo. This flag was changed in October 2010.

Chapters XIV, Article 190 of the Constitution of 4 January 1974 (and the text below ) show a previously unheard of 5:8 relationship, whereby a flag width for a single flag is 4:5 55% of that of a single one. However, in rough numbers and at a flag of 240 x 384 pieces the lift would be able to detect 132-108 and the length 165-219, the entire logo is included in an fictive circular of 128 pieces with each asterisk at 13.

of the gearwheel at 93 and the inner one at 58 unit diameters. It is a question of presumption. Section XIV, Article 190 of the Constitution of 4 January 1974 contains particulars of the enclosed figure, which is different from the usual formal illustrations.

Now I can affirm that the 5:9 proportion with a flag half-width and 5:8 corresponds to the current draft (with a six-star canton) of section 215 of the 1947 Constitution, which states: "The flag measures nine by five foot and the flag four by two and a half feet".

By: http://www3.itu.int/missions/Myanmar/seal. htm, the picture of the seal: a) In the middle of the state label there is a sprocket with fourteen equally large gears on which the Myanmar card is placed. Both the sprocket and the card are surrounded by two pads. b) The pads are surrounded on each side by an art Myanmar lion.

c) The words "The Union of Myanmar" are written in Myanmar under the Leo and the Ear of Father Kentenich paddies. d) At the top of the state seal is a five-cornered sticker. e) On both sides of the ear of Father Kentenich and Father Kentenich paddies are flower patterns from Myanmaret.

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