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This film takes place in the North Madras area, where a Settu (Atul Kulkarni) used Guna (Sampath Raj) to seize cars before it is crossed twice by Burma (Michael Thangadurai), who takes over the hot seat. Burma has had style from the beginning and debutant Dharanidharan immediately realizes that he is not after another thriller. They are over-cool (Yuva is the cameraman) and the trendy music (by Sudharshan M. Kumar) only contributes to the general attitude and atmosphere of the film. Some other articles discussing Objective, Burma!

Amnesty International says Burma is a prison behind bars.

It' a country on the move: Movies from Burma

Freedom of choice, sex rights and the fight against livelihood deprivation are issues recurring in this one-of-a-kind shortfilm program by Igor Blazevic, philosopher, politician, activist leader and creator of the One World Human Rights Festival in Prague. This was followed by a debate with film makers and specialists from Burma who responded to the movies and reflected on Czech-Burmese similarities, Václav Havel´s Aung San Su Kyi's friend and the cooperation between them.

Bla?evi? is known above all as a merciless activist of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who lives in the Czech Republic. Participating in many philanthropic mission (Sarajevo, Chechnya, Cambodia, Burma, East Timor), he has collaborated with his woman film maker Jasmina Bla?evi? to direct a variety of documentary films (The Refugees of Twenty Years War (2000), Only 500 Deaths in 2002 ), Mymese Prisoners in 2002).

1999 he established the One World Humane Rights International Film Festivals in Prague, which is today the largest of its kind in Europe. He was head of the HR section of the Czech NGO Peoples in Need for several years. For the past five years, Igor has served in Thailand and Burma as the leader of the education programme for Myanmar militants.

Mr. Dignity is an internationally recognized advisor to the Human Rights Human Dignity Film Festival in Burma, where he was instrumental in its founding. He is currently responsible for the Transition Programme at the Prague Civil Society Centre. From 1997 until his retiring in 2003, Pavel Seifter was an Czech embassador in Great Britain.

Afterwards he was assistant manager of the Institute of Contemporary History and afterwards assistant manager of the Institute of International Relations in Prague. Currently he is a guest researcher at the Centre for the Study of Global Governance, LSE. MEP Susanna Hla Hla Hla Soe is a member of the Burma MP and represents the National League for Democracy, Susanna Hla Hla Soe has an amazing track-record of work in improving the life of Karen woman in Burma.

Worked for World Vision for 12 years and founded the Karen Women's Action Group (KWAG) in 2010. With KWAG, she has supported Karen woman in Karen state, implemented human smuggling programs and participated in the Karen National Union's and Burma's government's negotiating peacemaking processes to end the 60 years of struggle between the two groups.

In the face of this misery and unfairness, four brave peasants from Nat Mauk (Magway Division) opposed the government and struggled for their right and their country. It is attempting to avoid barriers such as sex inequalities, lack of opportunities, misuse of children, forced labor, traffic in people, etc., which block their chances of being educated.

This is a brief feature film about a young man from the town of Paloung Mountain and how he becomes a cubs. Winners of the Min Ko Naing Prize and the Hantharwady U Win Tin Prize at the 2015 Film Festivals for Dignity and Humankind. HRHDIFF Burma´s first of its kind, HRHDIFF is aimed at promoting understanding of Burma/Myanmar through the use of the film' s powers and creating room for the promotion of debates on HRD.

It has close ties to the Human Dignity Film Institute, which provides young film makers with training in Yangon in the use of the medium and film. Each year the event is also touring Burma's cities and communities. The Czech Centre London has set itself the task of promoting the Czech Republic through the presentation of Czech culture in the United Kingdom.

The program includes fine and dramatic art, film, literary, musical, architectural, designer and fash. In addition to its own activities, the CRC also provides assistance to other groups organizing them. It also aims to further develop relations between the UK and the CR through visiting curators, travelling to the press and the art world, and to promote constructive dialog between performers, scientists and creators from both states.

It is a member of EUNIC (European Union National Institutes for Culture).

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