Burma Famous places

Myanmar Famous Places

The Pagoda, Atumashi Kyaung and Min Kyaung are some well-known tourist places. Homeland of original Samusa soup, rainbow salad and Burma cooler! There are no recommended places to eat. Highlights in Burma / Myanmar. A list of Myanmar's main destinations and attractions and information about the places where we do our tours.

In Myanmar (Burma) where?

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Myanmar's Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions (Burma)

Burma is a South East Asia land hiding extraordinary quality culture. There' are many exciting rides for people from all over the globe to explore! These are Myanmar's top 10 best touristic sites in such a mysterious state. Myanmar's former capitol is one of the most appealing travel destination for those looking for a holiday in Asia.

Shwedagon' s most famous feature is the sleek Shwedagon pagoda, gilded with diamonds and displaying a mystic elegance from almost everywhere. Bagan is without a doubt the largest archeological site on the planet with a repertory of the huge Buddha shrine that King Pagan has been building for many hundreds of years.

Today, with 2,220 remnants (around 13,000 in high season ), this home offers equal opportunities for you to move about. Located near each other, the Temple offers a variety of hiking, biking, bus, tuk-tuk and ballooning trails to take you to this wonderful place.

South-East of Bagan is Mount Popa with many Buddhistic cloisters. Popa means "flower" in Sanskrit, as all the remnants are known for their stunning sheen. Not far from Bagan (about 30 minutes flying time from Bagan), Mandalay was once the capitol of old Myanmar and is today a town full of mess, fumes and ash.

In spite of the confusion, you would be surprised at the real beauties of this country if you left the busy inner cities to see the other architectonic marvels. One of the most famous places in this town could be the U Bein Bridges, situated in a historical Amarapura town. It is the longest of its kind.

One of Myanmar's most visited travel spots is Lake Inle, where fishers are best known for their one-legged approach to the game. Though in recent years, the area has seen good development in terms of tourists, preserving the pristine beauties of its city. When you come to Inle you will feel like swimming homes, an excellent place to immerse yourself in this wonderful beautys.

It is the third most holy of Myanmar's sanctuaries, under the Mahamuni Pagoda and the Shwedagon Pagoda. One of the special features of the peculiar sanctuary lies on a towering cliff on a hill; according to tradition, over the years, the pebble still has a Buddha's head by the papili. What is odd is the difficulty of deciphering the place, which brings many visitors even more riddles and inquisitiveness.

Pagoda Festival (also known as the Nine thousand Lights Festival) is held at the end of the year on Mount Kyaiktiyo and is organized by the local people, and you will see the top of the mountain lit up with lights in the darkness. The Mrauk U is the second biggest temple centre in Myanmar.

If you are here, you will see several hundred palagodas and shrines made out of brick from the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries, embedded in the surrounding mountains and small towns. Specifically, you will have the feeling that this place is a country of myths, through the mist that covers the town in the mornings. Situated in the Golden Triangle, Kyaing Tong is the capitol where you will be amazed by the beauties of the gentle slopes and ethnically minority communities.

It is famous for its scenic hills and the ethnical groups that live there. An Hpa is a town in the south-east of Yangon and it lasts about seven hrs in the car reaching here. Out of the town is the splendour of large leafy paddy lands, with the hills behind the rock will give you a nice sights.

Many temple caverns with original architectural features, complex and human beings serving as Buddhist nature reserves. 80 kilometres northeast of Yangon, near the Bago River, Bago is an old Myanmar capitol that seems to be a place of myths and legends. The Shwe Mawdaw or Golden God Temple is 115 metres high and thus the highest ever in this area.

As in other parts of Myanmar, there is a large selection of specialities, accommodation and recreation at a sensible price. Kalaw is a popular destination because tourists like to come here for a trekk. They can take a brief stroll around the area to observe the day-to-day lives of the tribe or explore the secret of the Hnee Pagoda in a cavern full of gold Buddhas.

Otherwise you can hire a British tour leader to walk from here to other Myanmar's touristic sites and you may be able to see some of Britain's amazing heritage along the way.

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