Burma Famous for

Myanmar Famous for

Myanmar, formerly called Burma, is the largest country in Southeast Asia. It is a popular purchase that can be made in the form of cups, bowls and vases. The strawberries around Pyin U Lwin are great, while Inle Lake is famous for avocados. Burmese cuisine is headed by the famous dish Mohinga, a bowl of rice noodles covered with fish soup and sprinkled with fried fritters. World famous people from Burma to city.


Burma is one of the Indo-Chinese people. Earlier known as Burma, Myanmar is known as the Golden Land. Theravada Buddhism has a strong influence on his civilization, in combination with various aspects of the area. The pagodas and the temple that still survive in today's Bagan, the former kingdom of Bagan, if there is one thing Myanmar is very loved and desired by the tourist.

In particular, the Shwedagon is the most important of the pagodas as it shows the early English invasion of Burma during the First Anglo-Burmese War. Further great sights in Myanmar are the Mon State lime stone scenery, the very high Sakura Tower in Yangon, Myanmar's main city, and Yangon University of Medicine.

Burma also has an interesting cultural heritage. A popular practise is the pierced ears in the Mahamuni Pagoda in Mandalay. Hearing piercings is a practise in Burma's young girls' cultural scene that has just begun the first phase of femininity. Shainbyu is the most important of the young people' s old-fashioned rites when he joins the convent for a while. He is regarded as a novice to Buddhism.

Grown-ups also practise Nat veneration as part of their own religion. Burma has great oriental food. Mohinga is widely recognised as Burma's nationwide special. Other Myanmar specialities that attract tourist are vegetarian dishes, Thai scented paddy and marmalade.

Shopping in Myanmar (Burma) & What to buy

It is a nice thing to go to Myanmar, where bargains can be made and barter is still fashionable in some areas. It is a mystical land with a strange view of Southeast Asia, not like Thailand or Vietnam, but in a more age-old way you won't find anywhere else. People find it compelling to go to Myanmar's rides, where they advertise original and wonderful objects.

The Bagan is a good place to buy nice lacquer goods with great variety and great value. Don't be amazed if you find cheap Java, ruby and other gems in Myanmar, because the land itself is a great miner of gems. Most of the fine Ruby is available in Yangon, where only serious businesses are valuable for your cash.

Longgyi is a traditionally made shawl by both sexes all over Myanmar. All over the countryside, silver stores have delicate fabrics to make longgyi, whose patterns you can choose and whose cost will depend on your haggling skills. People' s puppets, coir mask, wooden woodcarvings and the like are favourite memorabilia Myanmar is proud of.

You' ll find that Buddha pictures or Stupa's in Myanmar are gilt with golden leafs, which are also widespread in touristic city. Mandalay's Paintware stores have the largest selection of true golden sheets packed in 5 to 10-sheet packs. 2. note that there is no agency in Myanmar that controls the commercial standards, which means that a thorough inspection of the purchased goods is necessary to use.

Inle Lake swimming resort has one of a kind memorabilia that are quite'Myanmar'. Yangon, the famous Bogyoke Aung San Market, is a great place to shop. Stores in a hotel can stock and try interesting items. The majority of Myanmar's market is open on Sundays and closes on Mondays.

All Myanmar's market is closing on full Monday during Buddhist Lent, which usually takes place in August. When you need more specialized Myanmar shopper tips, your personal travel agent would like to discuss them with you. With this 14-day Essential Burma with Ngapali Beach, you' ll be able to spend an enjoyable time in Myanmar!

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