Burma facts for Kids

Myanmar facts for children

Burma is located in Southeast Asia between Thailand, China and India. Burma, also known as Burma, is a sovereign state in Southeast Asia. Birth itself is not celebrated per se, perhaps because of Burma's high mortality rate. These are funny facts you didn't know about Burma! Children of all ages wear sacred threads around their necks or wrists to protect them from evil spirits or spells!

Myanmar fun facts for kids

Myanmar, also known as Burma, is located in Southeast Asia between Thailand, China and India. It is a land of thick jungle, arable land and abundant reserves such as pearl, pine and olive groves, but most of the population lives in extreme poverty. 2. Since 1962, the state has been governed by a tough army regime.

By 2011, the federal administration has approved the election and is working towards a democratic system. Nonetheless, the army remains a powerful politician. Burma is home to many old Buddhaist cloisters. Burma has a temperate rain forest and is susceptible to severe rainfall and laps. 48.3 million population in Myanmar.

Myanmar has a 62-year lifespan. For more information about Myanmar, please see the BBC. This is Burma or Myanmar? Myanmar's army rulers renamed the Myanmar state without the approval of its population. A lot of leading politicians in the whole wide globe, even the US, were dissatisfied with the army rule because of its hard handling of its population.

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Burma's short history: became an important religious event in Burma. During the Bagan dictatorship, the monarchs constructed many Buddha chests and cloisters. In 1486 the next great of the dynasties in the area was the Taungoo family. These dynasties extended the kingdom and reigned for over 250 years. The Konbaung family followed.

Alaungpaya, the first Konbaung kings. It was a warlike dictatorship that struggled against the Chinese, the Siamese and later the British. In 1885 they belonged to the British Empire. It was at this point that Burma became part of British India. Myanmar became independent in January 1948. Myanmar originally had a constituent regime, but there were many struggles for control within the state.

Warlords have taken power. After losing the 1990 election, the army group declined to approve the results and detained many politicians who resisted them. Today too, politicians like Augn San Suu Kyi are being detained for disagreeing with the MP.

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