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Myanmar facts

Besides the friendly Burmese, here are our favorite observations and interesting facts that have stayed with us. This is a map of Burma (also known as Myanmar). The myths, facts and risks for investors. Lwin is chairman of the Burma Socialist Program Party and president; Tun Tin is prime minister.

The following are some useful facts to prepare your trip to Myanmar (Burma).

Twenty-five funny and interesting facts about Myanmar

Burma is a mysterious state. For many years this enchanting nation has been a tourist attraction, but only recently has been welcoming travellers and still has a high degree of awe. Myanmar, a particularly mysterious traveler' s paradise for the West, inspires and surprises even the most secular travellers. In order to give you an impression of what makes Myanmar so unique, we have put together a short summary of some funny and interesting facts about Myanmar.

So why restrict this beautiful sheet to drinks? Myanmar ferments and eats laurel lettuce in the nation's most popular meal, laupet thhohk. Two traders found the Buddha (who was living about 2,500 years ago) on their journeys and came back to Burma with the locks of coat that were placed in the sanctuary together with the other relic.

The chalk vertebrae that can be seen on the cheek of men and woman are thinaka - a cosmetical pastes made from the rind of select tree species. Pure-bred Myanmar kittens were once kept as regal domestic animals; King Thibaw had 40 of them in the castle when the British took over.

Myanmar takes bronchoscopy very seriously. Myanmar's fortune teller, E Thi, is one of the most renowned Astrologists in the world. Whereas the Myanmar Strait initially ruled on the lefthand side, the land changed sides over night in 1970. Unfortunately, commercial penalties prohibit the imports of automobiles from those producing left-hand driven automobiles.

Not only is this gleaming golden sanctuary completely coated with pure golden leaves, but at the very top with more than 4,500 beads. It is home to more than 1,000 migratory populations of which six are threatened with extinction and 51 are threatened with extinction. For birdwatching, Bagan and Mt Victoria are two places where you will see many feathery buddies and the wetland of the Ayeyarwaddy-deltas.

Burma begins the Buddhist New Year (April 14-16) with Thingyan, a multi-day ceremony of prayer, offering, traditional dancing, partying and wars. Kachin State, the Putaoownship, is located in the northern part of Myanmar in the Himalayas. Myanmar is home to about 135 different ethnical groups and ranks 75th among the most cultural and ethnical countries in the hemisphere.

Burma is one of only three nations in the rest of the word that do not use the MTS. It still uses its own measurements, although you can find natural gasses in galons and mileage. Your area is denominated in Myanmar's official Chinese language, but you can also use US dollar when you travel through Myanmar.

You will see men and woman in Myanmar carrying a longgyi - a cylinder shaped garment carried around the waistline up to the ankles. Notable examples of Myanmar's first Myanmar Premier, U Nu, has ordered the building of 60,000 coupons across the nation to defend against evils and the state.

When you are in the state of Mon, you will probably see the Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, the famous place of Buddhism. It is only small (about 7 meters), but it lies on a giant rocky block of rock coated with goldfoil. And, like most neighboring nations, this story hasn't always been enjoyable.

The great army of both empires collided several time during the Burmese-Siamese war, with Burma mostly beating Siam. Siam threw Burma out of the Lanna Kingdom a few hundred years later to call Chiang Mai his own. Myanmar's international sports is Chinlon, a non-competitive match in which a 6-player stickball is held in the air by a range of recreational footballing.

Specifically, kwunya: sheets of ravioli covered with tabacco and clove. Myanmar's hills provide a favorable environment for viticulture, and some vines have opened and produce their own vines. The Aythaya Red and Red Mountain Tastings allow you to taste a glass of Aythaya after visiting the area.

Myanmar's dense, pristine jungle is home to many cold animals: elephant, tiger, leopard and rhino, to name but a few, as well as 28 different types of tortoise and turtle. So enraptured by the jungle and plain of Burma, Marco Polo published it in his own itinerary from the thirteenth cent.

To him, it was a hill full of golden and unbelievable beasts - even a unicorn (he probably talked about rhinoceroses). On Bagan he wrote: "The turrets are constructed of thin stones, and one is as thick as a fist and covers with golden, so that the turret seems to be made of massive ore.

The other is similarly coated in sterling and seems to be made of massive sterling steel....... Do you want to include any funny and interesting facts in our mailing lists, go a little further or just want to tell us about your passion for Myanmar, please let us know!

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