Burma Entry Requirements

Myanmar Immigration Regulations

Here is for prospective students from Burma. Diving boats take special precautions to enter the Mergui Archipelago, which is part of Burma or Myanmar. Postgraduates in the United Kingdom refer to master's and doctoral programmes. These can be known as "Graduate" levels. Each of our Master's programmes lasts 12 consecutive years.

Benefit of 12-month classes is that you can start your professional life earlier and thus saving your own valuable resources.

Classes begin in September, some also begin in January. A free 10-week full-immersion course to help you learn German once you are there. You can take one of our preparation classes, according to the language proficiency of your course, so that you can learn better before you begin your studies.

As a vibrant and multi-cultural town, it was recently declared the first UNESCO design capital in the UK. Theatre, art-house cinemas, eateries, galeries, bars, fashion stores and handicraft stores are only a five-minute stroll from the university. You can delve into Scotland and discover its beautiful scenery in this area.

The Dundee University Students' Association (DUSA) has many students' and sport associations to offer. The International Students Society organizes travel, touring, and community activities such as Hogmanay (New Year), Burns Night, and St Andrew's Day. You work with our International Support Service to make your stay in Dundee unforgettable.

In order to gain access to all our programs, you must prove that your qualification meets the admission criteria of Dundee University. Failing this, please observe the immigration regulations of the respective state. Graduate with at least 500 total points (or GCSE level) and one of the following:

Graduate with at least 500 total points (or GCSE level) and one of the following: As a rule, a Master's degree is a requirement of a good college. Proof of research experiences (e.g. through a Masters Degree project) is anticipated. All of our programs must also meet the university's standards for the use of the German-speaking world.

For more information, please see our Bachelor's and Post-Graduate Courses pages. There are a number of grants offered by the University of Duendee, according to the course you are enrolled in. The University of Applied Sciences is one of the top 10 lowest priced UK colleges (Expert Market, 2017), so you get a high level of educational value and your costs of Living are attainable.

Applicants value flexibility, self-confidence and solutions to problems. Do you have any question about the admission procedure, studies or life in Dundee? We have an interna-tional staff that travel around the globe on a regular basis, attend congresses and trade shows, and visit universities and school.

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