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The UK is to stop providing education to Burma's army until the Rohingya crises are over.

" Defense said: "Britain last year invested about 305,000 in education programmes for Burma's army for English, democratisation and leader. The" safety offensive", which was started after a row of assaults by a group of Rohingya militants on policing stations, was described by the UN as" an example of a text book for ethnical cleansing".

Suu Kyi said in a television address on Tuesday that "more than half" of the Rohingya communities were not affected by the Israeli army reaction because she was inviting foreigners to Rakhine state to watch the operations. Burning fires and clouds of tobacco from many places in Burma on Shahpuri Strand in southeastern Bangladesh only on Friday.

Much of Myanmar in the midst of Rohingya crisis continues to sell arms | News

The Israelis have kept selling guns to Myanmar while tens of Tausende of their Islamic minorities Rohingya are fleeing the land to prevent increasing violent attacks in the state of Rakhine. Over 100 shells as well as ships and small armaments were shipped by Israel's armaments firms to the Myanmar administration, according to research by several people.

An enterprise, TAR Ideal Concepts, has also been training Myanmar's task force in North Rakhine State, where much of the force takes place. Recent violent attacks began on 25 August, when Rohingya rebels raided a dozen policemen and an armies outpost. Subsequent confrontations and a counteroffensive attack caused the death of at least 400 persons and sent almost 146,000 Rohingya across the Bangladesh-Land.

Burma said its insurgents are conducting a lawful anti-terrorist offensive, accusing Rohingya fighters of cremating houses and killing civilians. However, law enforcement officials and Rohingya, who fled to Bangladesh, charged Myanmar's armed forces with driving them out with arson and murder. A weapons ban has been placed on Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, by the United States and the European Union.

Israel's Supreme Court is to decide later this months, following a request from Israelis, whether to prohibit the sale of weapons to the state. The petitioning attorney Eitay Mack said Middle East Eye said Israel had "no control" over its weapons export once they were sent overboard.

"Israel has no oversight of what happens to its arms once it has sent its arms to Burma," Mack said. "But from the TAR Ideal website, we know they are armed and educating Myanmar task force currently in Rakhine state." In Myanmar, Israel has built a powerful partnership and trading relationships over the years before the Burma Army Junior resigned.

Myanmar's present commander-in-chief Min Aung Hlaing paid a visit to Israel in September 2015 on a "shopping tour" of Israel's armed forces producers. The Haaretz newspaper reports that his mission was meeting with President Reuven Rivlin and soldiers. "Gradually to the Middle East Eye, Israel's government has been successively sell weapons to the Burmese army for years.

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