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Myanmar Campaign UK, London, United Kingdom. An easy step-by-step guide to get your Myanmar / Burma visa in Bangkok. Myanmar Embassy in the United Kingdom, London. A printable map of the Embassy of Myanmar. Seigolène Royal opens economic and climate summit in London for more information on visa requirements.

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I am so glad to know that this initiative is doing its best for the people who are slaughtered every day. Notices are unreliable, especially about Bengali Muslims. The majority of them are counterfeit messages. This site uses bogus messages to provide indirect terrorist assistance. Don't do anything for Burma! However, this initiative fully supports those who illegally immigrate to West Burma and Bangladesh.......

Some of the publicity is pushy in our country's policies. I don't like it. Did nothing for Burma to reform democracy except sometimes bark at the Burma embassy and make fun of declarations proclaiming pointless records on people.

Contribution to the Burmese Embassy in London, 200

Over 200 participants attended a rally in front of the Burmese embassy in London. August 8 is the twentieth year of the carnage of tens of thousands of prodemocracy demonstrators. Today's protests commemorate the carnage and focused on the call for the freeing of 2,000 Burmese detainees. It also repressed prodemocracy insurgencies in 1996 and 2007.

In spite of the regime's savagery, it has maintained its hold on government authority thanks to millions of US dollar in commerce and investments from around the globe, despite Burmese democrats' demands for specific macroeconomic sanction.

Burmese embassy in London holds rally after arrests in Burma

While Burma's democratic campaigners are protesting despite the arrests of many of their leader yesterday evening, a demonstration of support will take place in front of the Burmese embassy in London. Protests will take place at the Burmese Embassy, 19a Charles Street, Mayfair, London at 12:00 - 13:00. Yesterday evening, the régime started middlenight attacks on the houses of top democratic defenders.

have published the identities of some of the detainees. The fact that the protest took place despite the arrest last evening shows the degree of rage against the government. An unraveling protest was sparked by members of the Pro-Junta crowd, who, and an undisclosed number of individuals were detained.

Apprehensions are taking place just a few days before the UN ambassador's arrival in Burma, Ibrahim Gambari. Min Ko Naing, the most notable of the detainees, has received a number of prestigious accolades for his nonviolent, tranquil appeals for Burma's democratic system, such as the Civil Courage Prize of the Northcote Parkinson Fund in the United States, the Homo Homini Award of People in Need in the Czech Republic, the John Humphrey Freedom Award of the IHRD in Canada and the Student Peace Prize, which is regarded in Norway as the "Junior" Nobel Prize.

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