Burma Elephant Camp

Myanmar Elephant Camp

Willga Baw Elephant Camp (Bago) - 2018 All you need to know before you go (with photos) They are working Elefants, but they are unemployed because they are from the Lumberjack group. You can take turns running away. When they are cuffed, they are in "heat" and an elephant in season can cause a great deal of upset. I' ve been there a few days and they may have a necklace while they're in their shed, but not when they're getting into the shrubs.

This elephant is different from these and some tourist animals that you can see elsewhere in some other countries, because tourist animals that have no necklaces and painting and dress up have been tormented as cubs. They' ve no longer'elegant'.

Camps Elephants

It is not only of great importance for Myanmar's culture and history, but also for the country's wood industries. Between 1999 and 2000, 4,075 Myanmar Union harvested 4,075 cattle. Myanmar's Elephant is an inestimable help to the land, not only by helping the local economies, but above all by protecting the world.

Casting elephants will soon be an important part of the Myanma Times Enterprise (MTE) wood business, especially in the many mountain and marsh areas of Myanmar's forest. Situated in the Taikkyi Township of the Yangon Division. 10/acre camp at Hay Wun Elephant Camp.

It' easy to reach by road from Yangon to Taikkyi Township and only 90 min driving from there. Elephants belong to the wild animals in this camp. Elephant camp is a great chance to learn about the natural environment of the animal world while getting a rest from the town. Elephant trek takes about 45 min.

During the elephant trek you will see the beautiful and tranquillity of the untouched jungle, whose surroundings will begettable. Visitors can also see the elephant swimming with their mayouts. They are well cared for and have also received medicinal care for their wellbeing. The Pho Kyar Forestry Resort is situated in the municipality of Yedashe in Thargara.

It' 10 mile 2 F from Thargara. in the area of the Swa Woods Reservation. on the banks of Thai Brook. It has an area of 20 acre, which is bigger than the mighty Hay Wun Elephant Camp. You can reach this wood from Yangon to Swa Township. Tomgara by road is 204mph.

Thargara to Pho Kyar Resort is a 10 mile ride all year round by road. It has a great chance to explore wild woodland vegetation among different types of harwood. large woods tea tree. other precious woodland vegetation different lifespan bamboo.

Elephant trekking tour for long and shorter excursions. Elephant swimming and cleaning is also possible.

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