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Domestic flights in Burma

We' re going to Myanmar in November and I' m doomed if I can find a way to book domestic flights in advance. Plan your trip with Oway for flights, hotels, tours, buses and visas. Flights from Yangon to the airports in Burma. Find RGN flights by date and price. Find out more about flights in Myanmar with Mann Yadanarpon Airlines (MYP), their aircraft, service and domestic route network.

Flights within Myanmar

We' re going to Myanmar in November and I' m doomed if I can find a way to make an advance reservation for domestic flights. I tried a few Yangon-based operatives, and (due to bad connectivity ) only one has returned to us, and it is a very complex procedure of making instant deposits to a Thai-based operatives, and then sending them (Yangon agent) a copy of the payment slips.

We prefer to make an advance reservation as we drive in high seasons and we try to prevent the stresses of starting our trip by reserving an additional night in Yangon. Also, I have been reading the Yangon market (for the exchange of money) near 4pm? We' re not going to be in Yangon until 6pm, and we hope we can get rid of our pockets and switch our $$.

Myanmar Domestic Airlines Directory

Burma has several domestic airline companies that usually operate the same routes and times..... The majority of them are small companies that have been founded in recent years or even in recent years and have a small fleets of a few planes (usually around 2 to 5)". In spite of this fact, Myanmar has many domestic airline companies and most of them have now used the e-ticketing system.

You can choose from some of the following airlines: It is Myanmar's first domestic carrier to be established in 1994. They' re flying to 11 targets with a small group of three. The Treasure of Myanmar - The Air Bagan was established in 2004.

You have a certain amount of reputations with a 5 plane charter and 20 targets, some of them national. It' a new company founded in 2011. You' re flying to 15 domestic targets with a small three-person group. In particular, they are selling e-tickets, accepting VISA and MASTERCARD (many Myanmar businesses do not recognise cards).

Yadanapon Airlines - began operations in 2014 with 2 ATR aircraft. It also provides charters. ASIA WINGS AIRWAYS (Fly beyond your dream) - You have 22 domestic airports with a float of three aircraft, but new and respectable. Air Nippon (a Japan-based airline) made an investment in this trademark in 2013.

Burma Airways - They have no mottos. It was founded in 1948 and was formerly called Burma Airways. They' re quite large with a group of twelve airplanes, 7 of which are aeroplane class. Burma Airways Interna-tional (MAI) - is a state-owned company in the field of intercontinental airways. While most domestic airfields are relatively small (except Yangon Airport ), some have pleasant cafes with good coffees and proper biscuits, so you can relax and savour before deboie.

There are also several domestic airport gift stores and coin changer. A number of airfields have X-ray scanning, others do not. Myanmar has three airport terminals: Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Py Taw, of which Yangon is the most beloved and receives the most round-trip flights to and from Myanmar.

There are some airline companies that serve customers with in-flight magazines, tasty fruits, tasty (pizza sweet) or pastries, others do not. "We used this firm for a journey to Myanmar in 2015, totally awesome.

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