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The former capital makes a. First Burma - now Myanmar - has slowly but surely got into the tourist fold in the last decades. An essay and visual tips on eating, sleeping and playing in Myanmar | More ideas on destinations, Burma Myanmar and Myanmar travel. Selected blogs on Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar (Burma). All about Burma (Myanmar) climate, culture and sights.

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Traveling Burma: the unfamiliar size in 10 locations

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is an old land of uncharted territory for both local people and visitors to explore. Here we have 10 tourist attractions for you to visit the next times you visit Burma and make a trip through the historical periphery of the state.

Yangon, which means "end of conflict", is perhaps the most important town where some of the many unfamiliar greats of the land can be found, making it an excellent starting and finishing point on your trip. 98 metres high, it has a gold shine that shines all over the town.

A relaxing walk across BogyokeAung San Market, Kandawgyi Lake and a boat and a trip to Dala, a tushaw drive on the southern side of the Yangon River, are also good opportunities to see a daily crashworthy course for the people. In order to reach the climax of the important sightseeing itinerary, you should definitely take a walk through the lively Yangon roads to get to know the vibrant tastes of the town.

Here you can enjoy in Lucky Seven, Nepali Food Shop, 999 Shan Noodle Shop, LinkAge, Feel Myanmar, Shan Yoe Yar and House of Memories and much more the prepared bowls of Asiatic, China, European und Burmesian cuisine, pure vegetable dishes, an favourite chick of India biryani, a crunchy piercing goose and a popular Myanmar dishwasher.

Known as "The Last Royal City", Mandalay prides itself on its enchanting moats, palaces, stupas, convents and footbridges that will amaze every tourist: the botanical garden in Pyin Oo Lwin, the Mandalay Palazzo, the artisan quarter to bubble over high-quality silks, textiles, marble sculptures and wall carpets, and a pleasant stroll to Mandalay Hill, where a series of shrines and pagodas can be found.

Well-known for its old temple, Bagan is said to have more than 4,000 shrines in the old times, with which large numbers went up to more than 2,000 today. Whilst you can discover Bagan on horseback, you can also enjoy walking on e-bikes and coaches.

The ride in a warm aeroplane offers an unhindered look at the antique town, which can best be experienced at twilight or night. Besides Stupa and Pagoda, climb the ridge of Shwesandaw or Shwegugyi Temple for a divine sundown show, a Irrawaddy River tour, a 777-step tour on Mount Popa to see a place of worship with many relics and Nath Temple, are a must in Bagan.

Also known for the paint and varnish sector, where experienced craftsmen demonstrate their skills through careful six-month work. A further thought-provoking discussion of Myanmar's cultural heritage takes place in the Ile Sea. The local people have connected their way of living around the lakeside where they cultivate their own vegetable in swimming pools under their timber houses located on the lakeside and where Intha' s or experienced boatswain and fisherman are fishing for exceptionally fresher seafood.

Most popular routes lead from Kalaw to Inle Lake and from Hsipaw or Pindaya. Excursions and overnights of several days can be undertaken here, where the tourist can stay in the convents and decide for the city cuisine. Meanwhile, the Pindaya Cave is a magnificent place of worship that you can add to your listing, as are three caverns on the edge with about 8,000 old Buddha-statures.

Affenei" (Mrauk Oo, which means "monkey egg") is stuck in old monkeys, gate and ditches that are today overlooked. This often goes to explain why it is called "The Lost Kingdom". "Maruak Oo is less amenable than the above mentioned targets, but its splendour is as pretty as Bagan. With the unmistakable Tempellauf you won't want to miss sides like the Shittaung Pagoda, the Chin Village in the Lemo River, which is hampered by a fellowship of strangely gratifying piercing and spiderweb tattos on the face and the shattering aromas of Rakhine Meal and the tasty peppaya sallad.

Situated in the south-east of Myanmar, Mawlamyine shows the beauties of the extensive sanctuaries and palagodas in Mt. Kyaiktiyo, 800 islets in Myeik or Mergui Archipelago, Mt. Zwegabin, Kauthaung, ThanIwin River, caverns along Hpa-An and Mawlamyines mosches. Full of ethnical variety, miracles of nature, captivating cultures and welcoming natives, it is the ideal side of the land off the well-trodden paths.

To get an overview of where you are staying in Kayah, add Kyet Capee to your roster along with a group of indigenous communities, Taung Kwe Pagoda, the lying Buddha in Loikaw, and end it with a tasty meal with Wet Au Chaung, a typical Kayah Kaung Ye homemade salami, and Kayah Kaung Ye, a classic travelog.

Although Myanmar is undoubtedly rich in sanctuaries, churches, monasteries as well as tombs, the mermaids in you will still be able to discover the marine life, as the old land is also filled with a series of beautiful sandy areas to complement your dozing of Vitamin Sea. Have you had the opportunity to visit Burma?

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