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Top 5 great walking in Burma

Cut off from the rest of the globe for centuries and unaffected by massive tourist activity, Burma is one of the most unspoiled and wildest lands in mainland Asia. Although the land has been open to tourists for some years now, there are still so many areas to explore - so many new opportunities are opening up year after year.

Myanmar is changing, making it an unbelievably thrilling place to visit. These are some of our favorite hikes in Burma, but we can't look forward to discovering more. Lake Inle, 120 km in size and surrounded by the Shan Hills, is one of Burma's most visited travel destination - and for good reasons.

Situated in this beautiful and scenic place, the Intha are living in stilted waterfront communities, growing their nourishment in swimming farmhouses and cruising around by boot - with an unmistakable one-legged oar technology that is unparalleled for Inle. Although the town itself is the centre of regional tourist activity, the nearby rolling countryside offers great walking and cycling.

From the shore of the lakeside, through the city of Nanpan and into the wooded areas and peasant towns of the Shan State. Stay in a Pa'O minorities settlement, Hti Ne, before you return to the lakes. Kengtung lies in the far easternmost part of Burma - once the center of a mighty empire with trading relations to China and Siam (today Thailand).

However, thanks to Burma's long period of armed separation, Kengtung became obsolete. Today it is a relatively unfamiliar city, encircled by wonderful scenery and littered with indigenous communities - home of the Akha, Wa, Enn and various other nationalities. Putao is located in the far northern part of Burma - directly at the foot of the Himalayas.

For many years this area was taboo due to domestic conflict in Kachin State, which means that its dense woods and landscapes have hardly been affected by tourists and offer some astonishing ways to get off the well-worn paths. With an area of 1.5 million km2, Shan State is huge - and it is home to three of the five targets on this itinerary.

Hsipaw, in the northern part of the state, is the third and a great starting point for walkers who want to discover the area. It is home to the Palaung and Shan tribal communities hiding in the rolling countryside and is reached by a very tragic rail journey over the Goteik viaduct of Pyin Oo Lwin - a former UK mountain resort.

The relatively inconspicuous city of Kanpetlet is situated at the gates of Mount Victoria Nationalpark and is therefore an excellent base for hikes in the west of Burma. Mt Victoria itself is 3,035 meters high - the highest in the state of China - and the nearby nature reserve is one of the best places for hikers of all kinds to trek in the state.

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