Burma Destinations

Myanmar Destinations

Burma, formerly called Burma and called the "Golden Land", is a completely unusual and surprising destination. Ngwe Saung is probably the most underestimated of many beaches in Myanmar, both by foreign tourists and locals. Despite its relative political isolation, former Burma, Myanmar, is at the crossroads of many cultures. Discover why T+L has named her "Destination of the Year". All these airlines serve the same main destinations (i.

e. from Yangon to/from Nay Pyi Daw, Mandalay, Bagan, Inle, Sittwe).

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In order to really enjoy nature and civilization, this is a country of ordinary joys and countless rides. Myanmar is the place to be, from busy cities like Mandalay with its many couples, India churches and churches, handicraft shops and art shows to driving along the Ayeyarwady (Irrawaddy) riverbank in an old steamboat.

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It is the former state capitol. However, it was crowned in 2006 by a new town, Nyapidaw, but it is still the most pulsating and diverse one. In Yangon there is also the Shwedagon Pagoda, the most important Buddhistic memorial of the state. -Yangon has the biggest international airports in the land, so for most of its population is their point of entrance and departure.

It' definitely a worthwhile experience to spend some quality lingering in this fascinating town. Bagan Plain is located on the Ayerawaddy (Irrawaddy River) and houses more than 4000 unbroken stupa-structure. Bagan's natural beauties are not something you see immediately upon arrival, but if you appreciate the subtleness of this arid, sand country.

Bicycles are a great way to discover Bagan as they allow you to take smaller roads and routes that are not accessible to cars. Also known for its hot air balloons, Bagan is now home to three prestigious balloonists. It has an international airfield known as Nyaung U, which takes its name from the city.

Yangon, Mandalay and Thandwe services are connected to Nyaung U. Yangon luxury night busses take about 10 hrs and a dependable Mandalay minibus about 4 hrs. Please note: Mandalay Airport is only 3.5 hrs from Bagan. Nyaung Shwe is the capital of the lakeside area and while many spend the night in stilts resort on the shore, Grasshopper prefer to remain in the city as it provides a more self-sufficient environment.

It is a beautiful landscape with spectacular hills on each side and paddy paddies that lead to the lakeside. A combination of bicycle tour and boating is a good way to do this. It is such an astonishing place, where glazed shallow waters reflect the pictures of the mountain on both sides and fishers with a pronounced oar movement wash in baskets of baskets of bamboo for catching them.

Back on the shore of the pond there are some nice rides on small streets through sleeping towns and arable land. There is even a vineyard in Inle where you can have a snack and a drink. Heho is the closest international airfield to Inle See. Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan combined here.

Driving from anywhere to the sea is a tedious undertaking to get to Mandalay and many more to get to Yangon. Some people have said that Mandalay is not quite as romantically as Ruyard Kipling. Another good excuse to leave the town and discover the surrounding area!

Mandalay has been farmed for hundreds of years and is very fertile thanks to a well-developed watering system. There are a number of side streets, country streets and channel paths, making cycling a pleasure and all this only 10 min from the city centre.

The old farm of Ava or Inwa is 30 min by car from Mandalay. Some of this fortified town is still untouched and another astonishing place to take a trip. To say that the town of Mandalay itself has nothing for the nosy tourist would be wrong.

Like every Asian town where there are humans, there is nourishment. There are some who are complaining that Myanmar does not provide a wide range of foods, but when you're with someone who knows the ropes, you'll be surprised by the diversity and flavours. Have a look at our Mandalay Foodies route for more information.

Opposite the Yangon Gulf, this area of Myanmar is both low and off the well-trodden paths. Cycling up from Mawlamyine through Hpa An to the Golden Rock is a great way to explore this area, and that's exactly what we have with our Cycle Southern Myanmar itinerary!

The only way from Yangon to Mawlamyine is by rail or highway. It' truely so that Myanmar, with its amazing variety of breathtaking geographies, also has a beautiful coast. Thandwe ( "SNW") is the closest international airports with Yangon and Bagan connections. Myanmar offers an interesting choice of half, full and multi-day trips.

Bicycle the Bagan Temple, see the scenery around Mandalay or continue to Mount Popa, Inle Lake, the cities of the Shan Hills or the intriguing southern part of the state. A memorable cycling, boating & kayaking excursion - experience the breathtaking Inle Lake and the colorful villages that.....

The Bagan plain's beauties can be discovered on a cycling trip through country roads, icons, quiet towns and imposing sights..... Enjoy the sun rise over Bagan's plateau, a truly sensational and unforgettable time. The cycle route extension..... Cycle across the temple-lined plains of Bagan, one of the high points of a Myanmar city.

This first class cycle trip offers a complete introduction..... Get away from the hustle and bustle of Mandalay and explore the tranquility and charms of the landscape on a cycle ride through the highlands..... Bicycles are the best way to visit the old city of Ava, an area full of historical attractions and little people. It is an exciting full days trip, ideal for those who like a mixture of adventure driving.....

This is a two-day bicycle ride from Myanmar's legendary Bagan Plains, a journey full of adventures and discoveries that will..... Bicycle ride classic Mandalay and the remains of an antique neighboring town, before reaching the centre of Myanmar..... Start your Myanmar bicycle ride and explore the beautiful Inle Lake by bicycle & boot before setting off.....

Bicycle through the magnificent plains of western Myanmar and travel from the traditional northerly part of the world..... Myanmar's best off the well-trodden paths cycling tours, from legendary Bagan to Mandalay and..... An unforgettable, energetic bicycle trip through one of the most fascinating travel destination in Southeast Asia.

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