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Joint daily necessary words English to Myanmar meaning with sound. Will be easier for Myanmar travellers to reach with daily service from Emirates to Stansted. Gas-ton shows what everyday life was like in this once military state. We are witnessing genocide in Burma and Yemen.

Burnt Rohingya Town in Burma visited by Boris Johnson

While the couple were smiling for the camerawork as they pose together, the conversations are thought to have been challenging amid an increasing internacional cries. United Nations has described Rohingya's exit as a "textbook example of the clean-up of people. Myanmar and Bangladesh have set a timetable for the repatriation of migrants.

Burma Daily Newspaper

Burma Daily is a paper that provides Burmese communities with information about their land and the rest of the planet, as an educated general population is the keys to bringing that land towards a civic community in which its inhabitants are able to express their views and finally elect their leader to determine their destiny.

There is no policy diary or policy line in this paper. Their goal is to give an example of what a free and accountable paper can be for the days when such a paper can be alongside papers like the New York Times, the International Herald Tribune, the Washington Post, the Asahi Shimbun, Le Monde, the Times of London and some of the other major prestigious papers in the word.

"I would not hesistate to vote for a regime without papers or papers without a government." That shows the importance of the papers in the community. It is unlikely that the paper will be widely distributed in Burma, although we are hoping that, like other global publications such as the World Herald Tribune and the weekly papers, it will be available in Cambodia and by post.

This paper is planned to be distributed as a PDF on the Internet and will be made available by e-mail on demand. Also we are planning to advertise and welcome enquiries about the placement of advertisements in this paper. Hopefully, this will be the beginning of the development of a respected paper for Burma and its population.

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