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Burma currency (code) facts and statistics. US dollar or Kyat, Burma money. Contribute your foreign replacement coins and travel funds to Burma Campaign UK. Myanmar Kyats banknotes for sale. Burma's currency and credit.

Some of Myanmar's experiences with funds - Myanmar Forum

I used my Visa Debit Card (which charges my current account) at cash dispensers to send my... I would be given 5000 kilo accounts that I would take into the bench and modify for 1000 and 500 term for purchasing on the spot (food etc). If a dish of pasta cost 500 kyats, you notice that small notes are useful.

Usually you take a number for the services in the atelier. Myanma plane in Kyoto. And I had to put US money - Prince Bills - on the air. The majority of them give their rates in dollar and then converts to Kyoto, sometimes to their benefit (e.g. by putting some additional points to the currency rate!).

I don't think the US currency is so widespread now that the land has opened up. When I arrived in June and all the information was excellent, I decided on a small locally based ATM that didn't require any fees for sea operations and only had withdrawn the max. amount of K300,000 from ATMs - which makes the K5,000 ATM very sane.

Trying to make advance plans for the funds I would need in isolated areas, but when I was carrying a few Yankee dollars and a few remaining dollars for emergency relief. I' m sure that the only currency that a salesman ever wanted was the Yankee dollars as a means of currency was the few ferry trips I took with the US Treasury, and I'm sure that the currency I provided made someone very lucky.

I found it tough to get a clear response to the question "what kind of currency would I need in Myanmar" - not too tough to figure out if you are reading some of the articles here.....? 1 - Viv....also notice that you can now modify OZ $$, only at Farmer Xchange branch offices - located in Yangon, Mandalay and Mandalay airports.....so take a heap of Australian $100/50 bills with you, save yourself the purchase of US currency and then switch to Kyat.

Ms. Fugaru, who do you work with? I am confident with TD Canada and I wonder if my ticket works there. In Bhutan it didn't work, but some of my mates with other Canada banks worked. I have a bench with CIBC. There was no Canada banc that didn't ask for ATM charges.... but I wasn't looking for that much either because I'm just writing it off as a travelling expense.

I would be interested in the information if you know of a Canada bank/credit unions.

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