Burma Country Profile

Myanmar Country Profile

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In March 2011, a nominal civil administration under the leadership of President Thein Sein was established, acting as general and then premier under the junta. One fourth of the two Houses of Parliament is reserved for the army, and three important ministers - home office, defense and frontier issues - must be filled by general leaders.

In April 2012, the EU followed the example of the US by removing all non-military penalties and providing more than $100 million in humanitarian assistance to Myanmar during the year. Burmese or Bamar, who are related to Tibetans and Chinese, are the biggest national group. Counterinsurgency attacks have disrooted many a thousand civilians. What?

Myanmar is a significant exporting country and the army is also charged with massive trade in smack.


Sandbags and almost 50 per cent thick wood covers the wonderful scenery of the South East Asiatic land of Myanmar, also known as Burma. However, after decade-long periods of separation under a dictatorial regime, this predominantly buddhistic state of 56,890,418 inhabitants is experiencing drastic political, economic and social change, and the swift destruction of forests through intensified farming, clearing and coal mines could have disastrous effects on the natural world.

Whilst the country is heading in a favourable course - the election of its first non-military presidency in 2016 in half a hundred years - the army still has power and is being examined by the UN High Commission for Human Rights for cruel assaults on Rohingya Muslims, an ethnical group. Burma was at battles with and in a British settlement throughout the nineteenth world.

In 1948 the state gained independence and U Nu became prime minister until a 1962 army putsch led by Gen Ne Win ousted the regime and replaced it with a socialist program group. During the 1980s, the Communist parties limited the freedoms of minority and nonindigenous people by depriving them of full nationality and the right to stand for election.

Sown in 1988, Aung San Suu Kyi headed pro-democracy demonstrations and the creation of the National League for Democracy. Aung San Suu Kyi is one of the leading figures in the nation's democratic movement. However, the effort was suppressed when the army juntas took action against demonstrators, killing tens of millions and placing Aung San Suu Kyi under home recap.

In spite of several insurgencies and election campaigns in support of the National League for Democracy over the next few years, the army stayed under surveillance, violated people' s right and attracted criticisms and financial penalties from the USA and Europe. The junta's controls have weakened in 2011, followed by a number of increasingly free polls.

Year round Buddha celebrations are a large part of Myanmar's cultural life. In Myanmar, when it comes to cooking, travel is the basic foodstuff. Myanmar's most favourite sport includes various combat games and Chinlone-a hocky bag-like sport in which you have to work together to keep a wicker bal in the sky without using your hand.

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