Burma Country name

Myanmar Country Name

Countries " Myanmar[Burma] ". The new country name should be discussed: Myanmar is the name for the country and the language. Buranmar may be the name of its embassy, but many people in this country still speak of the colonial name Burma. Myanmar's official name is the Union of Myanmar (Myanmar from the Burmese word for the martial qualities of strong and fast).

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In Myanmar, while the rest of the country is debating how to deal with the Burmese army jungle, a simultaneous debate is raging about the country's name. The Europeans are split on whether to call it Burma or Myanmar. The country is described differently in press reports as Burma or Myanmar. There is no consensus in Europe on how to relate to the former Burmese settlement that gained sovereignty in 1948.

Each version has its own legalization. Myanmar is the official concept in the Myanmar dialect and Burma is the casual, common name. Concerning the Army Junior, their country should be called Myanmar. In 1989, the regime formally renamed the country. The United Kingdom and Ireland do not recognise the credentials of the Burma bombing and continue to use Burma only.

Exile people also call it Burma. Myanmar is used by the United Nations, which recognises a country's right to call itself what it wants, as are France and Germany. But while the Ger-man State Department is using Myanmar, the Ger-man press is using Burma. Mr President, the European Union is right by the railing and refers to Burma/Myanmar in its website documentation.

Both the United States and the United Kingdom do not recognise the legality of the Myanmar army administration and call the country Burma. However, big newspapers like the New York Times, CNN and the Associated Press call it Myanmar. Its name is useful to judge how the states think about the regimes, say pro-democracy campaigners.

China, which supported the army regimes, calls the country Myanmar. "Burma is a kind of tracer of a country that is weak towards the regime," Mark Farmener of the BBC's Burma campaign in the UK said. What difference does it make what they call this country? Burma was relatively wealthy when it achieved British sovereignty in 1945, but after 45 years of armed domination and financial distress, it is one of the worlds impoverished states.

A number of non-violent demonstrations in 1988 resulted in the present army rule taking over. However, the election was not rewarded by the army regimes. It has also renamed the British name of Myanmar's biggest town, Rangoon, Yangon. The Yangon administration left Yangon completely in 2005 and built a new capitol called Naypyidaw (Royal Residence).

The BBC said that the emphasis could be on one of the three words.

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