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Myanmar Country Muslim

Muslims in the southeast Asian country of Burma (Myanmar) are threatened with genocide. In the north-eastern region there are conflicts between Buddhists and Muslims. Myanmar is a Buddhist country: Myanmar and Sri Lanka have also developed quite remarkably. Consequently, religious conflicts between Burmese and Muslims have spread throughout the country.

Myanmar shows us what a'Muslim ban' really looks like: Apartheid

RANGOON, Burma - When Khin Win Myint and her boy were held by law enforcement last months at a check point in Burma's southeast Kayin state, she tried to conceal that she was a Muslim. Finally, she was telling the whole story. More than 500 leagues away from Rakhine State, where the Burmese military is ethnic purifying Rohingya Muslims in reaction to what it refers to as terrorist outrages.

Since the end of August, more than half a million Rohingya have crossed the Bangladesh frontier. Rohingya are generally known as Bengalis within the country, a name that strengthens the mistaken faith that they are migrants. Soldiers say his activities are a reaction to assaults against law enforcement stations on August 25 by a small, ragtag militiamen named the Arakan Rohingya rescue force.

Kyin Win Myint is no Rohingya, but in the midst of an outburst of hate against the group, there has been an increase in anxiety and suspicions against all Muslims in their home state. There are some who believe that Muslims have arrived from Rakhine and have invaded Kayin, also known as Karen. However, in the weeks following the arrest of Khin Win Myint, Kyrgyzstan' Sri Lankan government said that Muslims needed specific documentation to be able to travel.

"When Muslims want to move between cities, they need advice from local authorities," it says in an ad. "In the last two month there have been some conflicts in Rakhine state, so we have conducted safety checks," said Tayza Tun Hlaing, a spokesman for the Karen state. Despite the conviction from abroad, the military's evacuation operation in Rakhine has gained the people' s backing within Burma's Buddhist population.

This has encouraged Buddhaist activists throughout the country to promote indigenous apartheid-style politics against Muslims. This includes the establishment of commissions to penalize Muslim Buddhism, the prohibition of members of the religious community from whole communities and, in Karen State, restrictions on mobility. Bring the beast into your inbox!

Now you are registered at the Daily Digest and Cheat Sheet. Karen authorities said the new limitations were imposed after nine Muslims were arrested near the Thai frontier without a valid identity card. The Prime Minster of Karen State has since refused any participation in the publication of the announcement and attributed it to an administration mistake, but Muslims say that the limitations still exist.

As Burmese Muslims have been persecuted for decade-long periods, intercommunal force has triggered a grass-roots initiative in 2012 that is often backed by needy communities to achieve complete secession. Twenty-one towns across the country have put up such signs, although the real number is probably higher, according to the Burma Human Rights Network, a group focused on the needs of Burmese Muslims.

Nationalist Buddhists will use the leadership in hate against the Rohingya since August 25 to help build more communities to build these marks, said Kyaw Win, the group's CEO. Also non-Muslims, who are regarded as too likeable towards Muslims, are a goal. The 35-year-old Soe Chay went to the store last months to buy and resell paddy and other goods to Muslims living in limited areas since the 2012 war.

They then put a shield around her throat, saying: "I am a betrayer of nation", walked through the city and forced her to scream the same sentence. "Today I can't even eaten paddy because I'm in so much pain," she said to the Burmese newspaper The Democratic Voice of Burma, a grassroots newsmen.

When Khin Win Myint was arrested in Karen state, law enforcement took her to a near-by policestation, where she said senior officials were beating her twenty-first. However, the government's long-standing discriminatory policies are exactly the cause why many Muslims do not have these IDS. Right-wing fighters have been reporting cases of Muslims being flat-out denies the tickets or declares that they could only have them if they provided proof of their ancestry dating back hundreds of years.

Was the Member of Parliament, who seemed more lenient than many others, considering travelling bans against Muslims in the name of safety to be just?

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