Burma Country Code

Myanmar country code

Sub-Saharan Africa - Caribbean country codes for calls to and from Myanmar. Use this page to call Myanmar from France with international dialling codes. Preselections for Myanmar are also included. For information on how to call Myanmar from Canada, see dialing instructions, exit codes, international dialling codes and the current time in each country. Statistics and facts about the internet country code of Burma.

The IDD / French exits code is 00

This is the code you need to access a country. Every country is allocated a clear country code. This is the code for a part of the country. A number of states are not large enough to justify their own area code, so they have the country code 1 and use the area code to specify the country.

These are some useful information about Myanmar. These are some useful information about France. Territory (SQ KM)547,030 This page will help you make calls from France to Myanmar using dialcodes. Preselections for Myanmar are also included. Myanmar's code is 95. In order to call abroad from France, one uses the IDD code 00 .

The IDD code is called an output code and the output code 00 is France. French has a 00 code exiting.

Phone in Mrauk U, Myanmar (Burma)

In Myanmar, most visiting-card companies lists a few telephone numbers because landline numbers are often down and phones just don't go through. Call booths - as part of a store or sometimes just a desk with one or two phones on the pavement - disappear quickly after the advent of cheap wireless telephony service.

When you find such a booth, a call should be K100 per second. In Myanmar, to make long distances calls, call the area code (including'0') and number. Myanmar Yellow Pages (www.myanmaryellowpages.biz) are a useful source. Cybercaf├ęs using Skype and other VOI protocol, public switchboards and top hotel facilities are among the ways to make calls abroad, even if this is sometimes possible on the road through providers who offer their cell-phone.

From a fixed line, it will cost you about $5 per minutes to call Australia or Europe and $6 per second to call North America. If you call in Myanmar from abroad, please call the country code of your country, then 95 (country code Myanmar), the area code (minus the'0') and the five- or six-digit number. Cell numbers start with 09.

From K1500 prepaid SIMs are widely used and can be used in unblocked telephones. When your phone is blocked, it is possible to buy a smart phone in Myanmar for only $80. It has three cellular networks: the state-owned company Telenor Myanmar (www.telenor.com.mm) and Ooredoo (www.ooredoo.com.mm).

They all feature pay-as-you-go mobile phone IDs ( "SIM cards" from K1500) that can be used with enabled smart phones. Charging maps between K1000 and K10,000 are available for telephone and text charges and online-maps.

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