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Burmese Consulate

Ambassadors and consulates abroad in Myanmar. In Kuala Lumpur I know there is a BURMA EMBASSY. Adress of the Consulate of Myanmar (Burma) in Switzerland. Doubts in Laos that Burma's. The life of Rohingya Muslims in Burma continues to deteriorate.

Myanmar Consulate in Ankara, Turkey

Burma in Turkey: Myanmar's Consulate in Ankara is Myanmar's only representative in Turkey. Turkey- Myanmar: There is an ambassador in Yangon. Burma in Turkey: Myanmar's Consulate in Ankara is Myanmar's only representative in Turkey. Turkey- Myanmar: There is an ambassador in Yangon. If you have questions about visas and passports, please consult the Consulate in Ankara.

Please be aware that the consulate may not be able to help. To check the consulate's office and opening times, please get in touch with them.

The Myanmar Consulate in Chiang Mai Thailand - Myanmar Forum

So, I used the recently reopened Myanmar Consulate in Chiang Mai to request a tourism visas today. The consulate is located on Hussadhisawee Road. Drive northwards at Huay Kaew and the moat instead of westwards. Take a right on the 2. street and the consulate is on the lefthand side after about 250m.

Please bring: -800THB for scheduled services (pick-up on 4 working day) or 1600THB (pick-up on 3 working day). When you need photographs or copies, the nearest place in the Kad Suan Kaew Center is for both of them. Approximately ten minutes on foot from the consulate on Huay Kaew. It seems there is no way to work on the same time.

So I asked for a run and that brought me my visas until Friday afternoons. If not, it would have been Monday afternoons for the scheduled services. Hopefully this will help anyone looking for a Myanmar in Chiang Mai!

Opening of the Myanmar Consulate in Chiang Mai

On Wednesday, Burma opened a new consulate in Chiang Mai in the presence of Secretary of State Wunna Maung Lwin and German Federal Councillor Win Maung. Chang-mai, Thailand - The new Burma Consulate in Chiang Mai was formally opened on Wednesday in the presence of Burma's Secretary of State Wunna Maung Lwin and Thai Msn. Win Maung.

Burma's Consulate General in the north of Thailand was opened between 1960-76, but was closed for almost fourty years. Thailand's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State Tanasak Patimapragorn and other international embassies were present at the opening on Wednesday morn.

Burma's new Consul General Kaung San Lwin will start work when the Thai authorities officially approve the consulate next months, Win Maung said. More than 2 million Burmese migrants are thought to live in Thailand, the overwhelming majority working in labour-intensive and often insecure working conditions without formal identities or working paper.

Some of the new consulate will concentrate on immigrant matters. The recent attempts by the Thai Prayuth Chan-ocha administration, which took control of the un-documented immigrant workers in the Thai territory after a military coup in May last year, have been criticised by legal groups as inoperative. A lot of Myanmar immigrants now have interim documentation that has been provided by the Thai authority, but are still pending without a clear path to more durable permissions.

Regarding the question of registering voters for Myanmar residents in Thailand before the November general elections, Win Maung reaffirmed that people should send the filled out forms by e-mail. Fifteen to the Embassy of Burma - or to the new consulate - to verify their legitimacy.

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