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The Burmese Code

The index of /~graham/AsianLII/Myanmar/Burma Code II. Discharge by the General Of?cer Congmanding, Burma Army, etc. The Burma Code Volume IX. Editor, Government of the Union of Burma (Myanmar).

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Myanmar Acts, Ordinances and Legislation from 1818 to 1954

The Burma Code" The full-text version is a coarse scan that can best be seen with Google Chrome....Individual rules may be easier to read. Wherever space and resource allow, these fairly large data sets are cut down, split into segments, improve printing performance and create new scanning of low-resolution original documents.

Myanmar Acts, Ordinances and Legislation from 1818 to 1954

Beschreibungung/Theme:This book contains the general index of "The Burma Code"...THE CHIN SPECIAL DIVISION AND THE STATES: (Burmese language sung in with German text..... Special Chin Section: 1. Special Chin Section (Law Enlargement) Law, 1948... Repairs) (Amendment) Law, 1948 ..... . Law on registration (transitional provisions) (amendment) (enlargement).

1949 ... 5. Amendments to the City Law Act Application Act. Salween District Act. {\a6}(....) E.-L'État de Kayah i 1. la Loi de 1949 sur les étrangers (extension) 2- la Loi de 1949 sur l'enregistrement des étrangers (extension) 3- la Loi de 1949 sur l'immigration birmane (dispositions d'urgence) (extension), 1949........ 4 - The Karenni State (Extension of Laws) Act, 1949 5th of the Karenni State Public Order (Preservation) Act, 1950 6' °S3? roooos(ygS|, 33^gos^8|cS(|o; oacSgoG3 1.

Law on the States (extension of the law), 1948.... 2. In 1949 the law on the states (extension of the law).....

Burma Legislative Highlights

Most of the contents of The Burma Code, such as The Penal Code, Code of Civil Procedure and other legal documents, are still in effect and form the foundation of Burmese/Myanmar legislation.... The website of the Supreme Court of Myanmar is on-line, but on paper 71 megabytes per tape on paper, practically inoperable. We' ve tried to bring the volumes down to a sensible level.

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Myanmar Acts, Ordinances and Legislation from 1818 to 1954

Descriptive/Topic: Full text, includes legislation that has been repealed....Some texts are not readable with Firefox on-line. Attempt Google Chrome, try downloading and reading offline........INDEX OFLAWS IN VOL.I: Accountants Default Act, Public..... Ordinance, 1948, Union of Burma..... Burmese extradition law..... Myanmar general clauses law..... Myanmar Immigration (Emergency Regulations) Law.....

Myanmar Indemnity and V thelidating Act, 1945..... Burmese Laws Act..... Myanmar Laws (Adaptation) Law, 1940..... Myanmar passport law..... Myanmar Small Cause Courts Act..... Municipal Civil Court Act. Rangoon..... Law on the Disregard of Courts..... Courts Act, Rangoon City Civil..... Court's Act, contempt of the..... Decree on the Law on the Succession of Police Officers..... Burma extradition law....

Burma General Clause Law..... Burmese immigration (emergency law)..... Law, police..... Compensation and Validation Act, 1945, Burma..... Justice Act, Union..... Acts, Burma..... Law (Adaptation Law), Burma..... The Military Police Act, Union..... Ac passport, Burma .... Law on Police, 1945..... Rangoon police law.... Policing (incitement to alienation) law.....

Law on the Succession of Police Officers, Disposal of..... Yangon City Civil Court Act..... The Rangoon Police Act..... Burma, Loi sur les tribunaux pour petites causes, Birmanie........ Burma Union of (adaptation of laws) Order, 1948..... Trade union justice law..... CDU/CSU M Military Police Act..... 1. The President of the Union may, for reasons of administration, include income, (q) subdivide Upper Burma into subdivisions and each of these subdivisions into quarters and the boundaries of these subdivisions and quarters, and (b) subdivide each of these subdivisions into counties, each of these subdivisions into counties and each of these counties and the boundaries of these subdivisions, counties and vendors.

In order to facilitate the implementation of a decree which is initially in effect in any part of Upper Burma, any court may interpret the decree with such amendments which do not affect its content as is necessary or appropriate to bring it into line with the case before the Court of Justice....".

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