Burma Coast

Myanmar Coast

Sightseeing travel guide to southeast Burma, including Golden Rock and Mawlamyine. About Locations; Off; Off; Off Off Burma Coast.

A crowded ship's capsule trying to escape a cyclone crashing into Burma, throwing dozens of people into the sea. Burmese coast (Tenasserim) of the Andaman Sea of the Indian Ocean. A snorkelling trip takes you to the coast and you can swim into the lake through one of the arches, watch your head!

Cruise River Cruise Itinerary for Burma Coastal Voyage

The cruise in the Mergui Archipelago on our classical 1960' Motoryacht was a great succes with many first and some very unusual explorations at this seldom frequented coast with its thousand isles and various sea creatures. Given this achievement, we have chosen to expand the length and distances of select journeys to the whole route between Rangoon and Kawthaung.

Included in these trips are thrilling stopovers in the old Moulmein, Mergui and Tavoy coastlines. We will also discover some little-known spots with snorkelling or kayaking in the mangroves. Now we have fully explored these bustling seaside harbours, reminiscent of Kling, Maugham and Collis, and find them full of architectonic interest, whether it' s settled in the colonies or in Buddhism.

We have also pinpointed a number of Karen Baptist community areas, some faithful to the KNU, others with the Mokkein Socials, who are speaking a peculiar kind of Malai. Most of them, however, are completely empty with untouched unspoilt sandy areas, corals and a variety of birds and marine species, not to forget the peculiar reptiles like huge dragonflies.

Only four Burma Coastal Voyages for ten days.

Myanmar Coastal River Cruises

Pathein, also known as Bassein, is a seaport with an approximate number of 315, 600 inhabitants and the capitol of the Ayeyarwady region, Burma. Situated in the Bogale Township, Ayeyarwady region, Myanmar, Bogale is a small town. Situated in the southwest part of Myanmar/Burma on the...... The Kawthaung is situated in the most southern part of Myanmar, in the Tanintharyi region.

It was known during the period of Britain's reign in Burma between 1824 and 1948....... The Ma-ubin or Maubin is a village in the Ayeyarwady Division in southwestern Burma. In the Tanintharyi region of Burma (Myanmar), Mergui (Myeik) is a small village in the southernmost part of the island on the coast of a penninsula on the.......

Mawlamyine ( "Moulmein") is the 4th biggest Burmese municipality (Myanmar), 300 km southeast of Rangoon and 70 km southeast of Rangoon....... Myungmya is a municipality in Myaungmya, Irrawaddy region, Burma. It hosts the Myanmar Union Adventist Seminar, a seven-day Adventist seminar....... The Pyapon is a Pyapon District community in the Irrawaddy Division of Myanmar, along the Pyapon River, a creek of the Irrawaddy River.

Tanintharyi (Dawei) is a small village in southeast Burma (Myanmar), formerly Tenasserim Division, around 614. The Wakema is a village in the Ayeyarwady Division in southwest Myanmar. Andaman Explorer was constructed in 1963 as MV Atlantic Garard in Norway as a coast guards ship.

Coastline cruising through the Mergui Archipelago, a group of 800 Andaman Sea archipelago off Burma's south coast, is a new project....... Irrawaddy Delta stretches over 1000 sq. m. with Rangoon, Burma's most renowned harbour and main city from 1886 to 2005.

Burma's powerful Salween River and southern country is a land of breathtaking scenic beauties, but few have traveller limitations for many years..... With this well-organized and thrilling expansion in Bang you can effortlessly get to your starting point for the'Burma Coastal Expedition'....... Situated in the centre of Yangon and yet only 10 min by car from the Shwedagon Pagoda, the stylish Sule Shangri-La Hotel is the ideal basis.....

Burma's powerful Salween River and southern country is a land of breathtaking scenic beauties, but few have traveller limitations for many years.....

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