Burma Climate November

Burmese Climate November

Clime, average temperatures, precipitation, wet & frosty days, hours of sun, wind speed & humidity. What is the best time to travel to Burma? Weather maps give you an overview of the weather conditions in Burma. ("May to October") and the cool season (November to February). Due to the lower rainfall, the best time to travel is from November to April.

Weather in Myanmar - Weather in Burma

Burma's climate can best be described as tropic, with heavy monsoons, a significant amount of solar radiation, high precipitation during the wet and humid periods. There are three different times of the year in Myanmar: Myanmar is open all year round because the climate is not disturbed by a hard winters like in many of our countri.

However, the best holiday seasons are the cooler seasons (November to February), as you will be less disturbed by the burning sun or monsoon rains. If you are a fan of the high seasons, it is better and even less expensive to reserve a low seasons lodging (March to October), but be prepared to be caught by surprise by sudden sun and/or rains.

As Myanmar is a rainforest nation, garments made of fabric and canvas ( "summer clothes") would be perfect for most of the year. You may find a lightweight raincover and parasol useful, as it doesn't rain out of time. It is best to take along your hot weather gear when you are in Myanmar during the wet seasons or when you want to explore the north.

Myanmar Climate Change Cooperation

Between 30 November and 11 December 2015, the globe will meet in Paris for a series of climate talks. Before Paris, each of the countries is required to submit a Intended National-Defined Contribution (INDC) in which it sets out its climate protection and adaptation to it. Shaw stressed the importance of Burma presenting a full text at a Naypyitaw meeting on 23-24 June, attended by Myanmar Climate Chance Alliance, FAO and UNDP ministry officers and representatives:

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