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Choice of classical burmesian food

Myanmar has a wealth y, diverse and singular gastronomy, but perhaps Burma's gastronomy has been little known in recent years due to the low number of overseas cooks. When you plan to travel here, it is worth getting to know some of Burma's most popular and well-known meals so you can soak in.

Lettuce or lettuce. If a Burmese meal is known outside its home country, it is probably Burmese lettuce or butter. It' the digital signing bowl, if ever there was one. We haven't found a similar lettuce elsewhere in Southeast Asia (perhaps someone will fix it for us), and while the acidic flavor of fermenting tealeaves can be a bit of a pleasant astonishment at first, many travelers get a whiff of it and come back home enthused.

In Burma's market, the raw materials are ubiquitous: deep purée of leaf and a selection of roasted walnuts and walnuts - you could prepare your own lahphett with some tomato cubes in two mins. (some variations have cut kale into slices) plus chilli peppers, if you like, and a spoonful of peanuts or perhaps a little bit of lemon seed to thicken the top.

Please be aware that the local lettuce is more of a treat than a starter, and in addition to home grown teas or fancy gift stores, it can also be offered as an after-dinner treat in upscale cuisine. Such''noble'' models are often presented in specially made, segmental lacquered bowls, as can be seen below.

It would be Mohinga: it's the Myanmar side of lard, egg, sausage and bean. It is the classical Myanmar style breakfest and the abundant pasta broth is a good way to get started the night and so much loved that it is even offered in many buffets in hotels - a few dishes of this stuffing broth should accompany you well into the afternoons.

Prescriptions differ greatly from area to area and really every kind of seafood is good, although wels is the classical one. Pasta is the thin type of ricecream. We even have a tough time finding a poor morning meal in a hotel, but adventurers can find one thousand and a half kyats in most marketplaces and cafés.

Possibly there are echos of Malaysia's lacsa with seafood and pasta, but it is a very characteristic meal. Chilli peppers Mohinga - optionally. While the Burmese can be as chauvinist about their own cooking as anyone else, the Shan-style pasta stock has long since crossed their national boundaries and is widespread and treasured in many parts of the world.

Note that there are almost as many varieties of Shan pasta as a restaurant that is selling the d essert, so it's not easy to make the classical recip. But the only thing they have in common seems to be their name and the fact that they are well-loved. Pasta is usually shallow-ripened, although it is preferred for the dried shan pasta variety shown below, which can be confused with a dish of tagliatelle.

Dried Shan pasta. Shan Cauk Sweat is often eaten with chopped pig or steak in potato gravy - vague bolognese, but chickens are also well-loved. Chopped groundnuts, soybeans and even fennel seed can be added, giving a clearer Shan aroma.

Although it is not unknown outside Burma (Asian pennyword, Kentella asiatica, is used in Thailand to make beverages and is much more common in Thai Ayurveda than elsewhere ), it is used in Burma. Pennyword lettuce is a frequent ingredient in the restaurant's menu and very much appreciated by people. The penny word itself is a foliage with a slightly bitterness flavor, perhaps reminiscent of watercress, mixed in kwa kuet with lemon bouillon, peanut, fish gravy, lemon and chilli beans.

It is a spicy, lightweight and invigorating lettuce with seemingly many wholesome qualities. It is a clever option on our menu, as it is far from being one of the most frequent meals in the land, but it is a favorite, very recommendable and widespread. It is customary to find an abundance of the above photograph taken on Lake Inle.

Slightly sauté a piece of fine chilli filet, then coarsely mash it with a forks, let it chill and mix in mashed cloves of cloves, fine minced chilli peppers and topped! It is not a starter, but serves as a snack - and with some popadoms or cracker it is uplifting.

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