Burma City Video

Myanmar City Video

But only a few people know that Kipling never visited the city! The streets of the city are lined with remains of colonial rule, while the mountain villages preserve the traditions of the tribes. View our short video about Myanmar's highlights. Immerse yourself in everyday life in Burma - from ancient temples to the city's bustling streets. Get introduced to the sparkling places and vibrant culture of Rangoon, Burma, by a local.

The Myanmar earthquake: A corpse and temple damages

The 6.8 strength seismic attack on the pagoda in the antique city of Bagan caused damage to this area. A spokesperson for the BBC's archaeological section said at least 66 stupa in Bagan were destroyed. Video on Bagan's public service shows dusty pagoda peaks and some of the pagoda's tips crumble during the seism.

It is an important touristic attraction with many thousand Buddhistic sites. Yangon, Myanmar's biggest city, the Thai capitol Bangkok and Kolkata in India, where the subway was shut down for a while, were shaken by high rise structures. In the Bangladesh capitol Dhaka, at least 20 persons were wounded when they escaped from a house, reports indigenous newspapers.


It is the first formal acknowledgement of a serious offence committed by the Burmese military against rebels in north-western Burma who have fled over 70,000 across the Bangladesh frontier. It supervises the BGP and the BGP. It'?s run by an military general.

In the Buddhist minority of Burma, many consider them to be Bangladeshi migrants. BGP leader Thura San Lwin in Maungdawownship, near the Bangladesh frontier, said the results of the inquiry had been presented to the Naypyitaw city' s main constabulary. Said two more cases of BGP local officials "not speaking the truth" were also examined by the Interior Department in a report of the breach of the law.

President's spokesperson, Zaw Htay, said the administration "instructed the riot squad to deal with untrustworthy accounts during their Rakhine operation". Northwest Burma has been isolated since October to help laborers and other outside observation. Armed action there began after nine BGP officials were murdered in an attack on safety stations near the Bangladesh frontier on 9 October.

Burma's President's Office, armed services and law enforcement have each formed a team to investigating suspected Rakhine crime after Ms Suu Kyi pledged to prosecute the UN's accusations of atrocity. He said that the armed force and policemen "are trying to put the guilt on each other for supposed atrocities".

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