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Myanmar, Yangon, Myanmar is a city of excitement. Don't expect to upload a ton of images - you'll sit there for hours. Pictures of Burma Cafe, Daly City, Daly City. Myanmar Cafe Pictures, Burma Cafe Photos. Burma Temple in the city of Burma.

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Burma (also called Burma or Burma) is a southeast Asian land stretching from the southeast end of the Himalayas to the southern part of the Pacific Indies. Most of the area is mountainous, only the centre area around theyeyarwadi river is flat. Burma stretches for 2000 km from north to south and has very different climates, from a moderate and cool northern to a southern tropics.

By the mid nineteenth and mid-nineteenth centuries BC, the first civilization to be identified in the area was the Mon, the dominating force in the south of Myanmar. During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the Brits captured Myanmar and integrated it into the Raj. In 1948 Myanmar became an autonomous democracy.

After the 1962 putsch, Myanmar has been governed by the army ever since. If you visit Myanmar, you get the feeling that the land is like Thailand 30-40 years ago: little road congestion, old automobiles, most men wear old fashioned scarongs, very little criminality. Myanmar's main city was Yangon until 2005, when the city was relocated to Naypyidaw, a new city 320 km further due north.

34-photographs of the Ayeyarwady Rivers, the major Myanmar stream that traverses the land from North to South.

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In Bagan for two nights to visit the temple and see the sunrise! Bubbleloon over old Temple of Bagan, Myanmar (by Julian Kaesler). But we were too impoverished to fly the balloons. The next one. Myanmar is an up-and-coming tourist country as 2010 has seen rapid growth in tourist activity and many are predicting that the country will see a booming tourist industry in the near-term.

It' s been a few month since we leave Burma and we often talk about certain things we miss.... or never want to see again! Here is our backward-looking guidebook to the best and the baddest of Burma Trave. Saving money, getting the right equipment and travelling. We have 3 hints to become a top homesitter in no time, and get free lodging all over the world.

Thinkyan Festivals, Burma.

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