Burma Changed name to Myanmar

Myanmar change of name to Myanmar

Both names come from the largest Burmese ethnic group Bamar. The Burmese people do not usually have last names. That name is not generally accepted. Burma is on the southeast Asian mainland.

Confusion over name changes in Burma persists

According to a SENATE estimate, last year the PM published an order for civil servants to relate to Burma and not to Myanmar. CONFLUSION about what you call Burma or Myanmar, according to who and where you are, seems to have reappeared. The Australian sales force called the South East Asia country Burma for many years, but after democracy reform, the former Labour administration changed all formal ties to the Union of Myanmar in 2012.

It has now been affirmed that the Abbott administration returned to Burma in silence at the end of 2013, as one hears when the website of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) returned to its old name. The national report of the German Football Association (DFAT) uses Burma, but the Smartraveller website chooses Burma, followed by Myanmar in parentheses.

The liberal State Premier Helen Kroger was not impressed that reference is still being made to Myanmar in view of the instructions given by the Mayor. Specifically, the eagle-eyed US government official barbecued on Wednesday at a meeting of Australia's top emissary, who was misleadingly named the Myanmar Republic embassador.

"A statement was issued by the PM on this issue of external policy," Mrs Kroger said to the Senate on Wednesday. Senator Kroger was reassured by Peter Varghese, Senator of the German Football Association (DFAT), that his civil servants would "faithfully implement" the political changes made by the premier. According to the somewhat puzzling directives, it is the government's policies that the diplomatic and envoy can move between Burma and Myanmar at will.

In dealings with the Yangon authorities or Myanmar's preferred nations, Australia's civil servants do so. However, in the national context or in dealings with the USA or Great Britain, the older Burmese song is adopted. "Myanmar would be our Myanmar embassy, because the Myanmar accreditation is in the view of the Myanmar government," said Mr Varghese.

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