Burma Capital City name

Myanmar Capital Name

An earlier version of this piece called Yangon the capital of Myanmar. Yangon has a relatively short history as an important city. Naypyidaw, Burma - the storyteller's hat You may be good at recognizing licence plate numbers, countin' traffic lights, or general information matches like the one in which you connect each nation to its capital. And perhaps you need to remember a detail about Burma as the Southeast Asia nation (also called Myanmar) moved from Rangoon to Naypyidaw in 2005.

What is strange is that the new capital, which has been completely rebuilt in the middle of the jungles and is six time the size of New York City (!), is probably a mister city. However, here one does not stand in front of such an abandoned, wild city in ruins: A brandnew, neat and luxury capital, Naypyidaw shines as if it had been buffed twice a dail.

However, here and there everything seems to be prepared for a tide of tourists: luxury resorts, five-star resorts, a penguin sanctuary (of which some import animals were killed - one has to say that the mean temperatures in Naypyidaw are 27°C), a water park, palace, various gulf and cinemas.

Oh, and a brandnew airfield with abandoned gateways, which has been constructed for a cordial reception of about 3.5 million people. I feel as if an epizootic plague has struck the city and all of a sudden every human being has evaporated. A glowing cupola of the gold pagoda, the precise reproduction of Rangoons, towers above a abandoned humanity.

Burmese authorities already in 2005 agreed to move out of Rangoon to move to a new capital. It was for strategical, militaristic purposes - the goverment soon stopped many firms to supervise the work, and the city was constructed from nothing.

It was then necessary to bring lives inside: officials were compelled to abandon their own homes and see Naypyidaw as their new home. They say that even an astrologer has helped to speed up the process of deciding to rebuild a new capital. This might account for the astronomic cost of the world' s 50th Poorer Land - an estimate of $4 billion.

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