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Myanmar Calling Code

That is what we have to dial to make a call from the United States of America (USA) to Burma (Myanmar). Cheap calls to Burma (Myanmar). International call and SMS countries, codes and rates. Country code; Currency;

Top-Level-Domain; Telephone code / Area code; Country code. Myanmar / Burma Iraq Syria Ghana Cuba (incl. country.

Calling the United States from Myanmar

Below is the dial-in process for calling United States From Myanmar. Find out how to make calls abroad from Myanmar. In order to make a call directly to the United States from Myanmar, you must dial the number in the following dialogue window.

Same dialling code for calls from Myanmar to the USA. If you want to call the United States from Myanmar, dial: Primary - There are 291 primaries in the United States. When there is a dialling code of the town in the United States that you call after dialling ISD code.

In the absence of an area code, call the recipient's telephone number after the ISD area code. Calling a cell phone number in the United States from Myanmar: USA ISD Code : Country code or ISD code of the United States is 1. 291 area code exists in the United States. They need to know the United States area code to make an instant call to the United States from Myanmar.

Do you know the timing differences between the United States and Myanmar to plan phone conversations to prevent unforeseen outages? Actual Unusual Times in Myanmar : Actual Times in United States : The United States has several different times zones, the above period is america/ Indiana/Knox.

Phone & SMS | Telenor Myanmar

Connecting Myanmar to the outside world, Telenor offers accessible calling rates for all, with world-class call qualities. Telenor International's service now allows you to make phone and fax phone conversations with your family, your clients and family. All Telenor SMS messages have enabled phone and SMS by standard.

If you wish to exclude from your line calls to non-residents, please call 979.

The LGBT groups demand changes to Burma's penal code

Campaigners say that the bill that criminalizes homosexuals should be amended and same-sex marriages permitted, despite the mainstream conservatives advocated by many Burmese. ANGOON - A group of lesbians, bisexuals, gays and transgenders (LGBT) is calling on the Burmese authorities to repeal an item in their criminal code of the nineteenth century banning same-sex relations, said campaigners.

Pursuant to Art. 377 of the Criminal Code, which was first introduced under the colonization of the United Kingdom, "traffic against the order of nature" is punishable by imprisonment for up to 10 years. It is used to penalize same-sex pairs and excludes same-sex pairs who live in Burma overtly.

LBGT rights network - an coalition of 19 civic organisations in Rangoon - said it would get the US administration to abolish the item, which is a discriminating move. "We do not have all the same privileges here. It is what we need," said Tin Ko Ko Ko, a member of the LGBT Right Network. Human Right Education Institute of Burma (HREIB) campaigner Aung Myo Min argues that sexual intercourse between two humans is not artificial and refuses to group homosexual intercourse with actions such as animal sexuality.

HREIB investigations released in January have shown that LGBTs in Burma fall victim to regular attacks by government agencies or are subject to discrimination by civil servants or other members of the population. In July, after a raid on persons of the LTGT in Mandalay, some of the 12 detainees claimed that they had been exposed to demeaning sexually assaults at the policestation.

Though Burma's laws do not allow marrying other men of the same gender, a man and a trans-gender wife in Moulmein, Mon State, had a wedding on November 18, according to a statement in the Burmese-speaking Myanmar Post this weekend. However, the act attracted hard criticisms and intimidation in the locals and even from the agencies.

Last week's LGBT Justice Network declaration convicted the Moulmein PD for violating the couple's legal entitlements and referred to Article 347 of Burma's 2008 constitution, which ensures the safety of all citizens. New National Democracy Party parliamentarian Thein Nyunt said same-sex marriages were unacceptable to Burma's people.

In spite of the threats posed by the legislation and the conservatism of many people in Burma, the homosexuals have begun to open up after the two years of reform in politics and economics. The TV show "Colours Rainbow TV", previously located in Thailand, which is broadcast once a months and concentrates on LGBT topics, relocated its TV productions to Rangoon.

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