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LOOVE the good vegan options on the menu. Due to the vegan/vegetarian-friendly menu, this restaurant was heavily used. Burma Cafe - Free Menu with Burma Cuisine When you have chosen what type of meals we will prepare for you, please look at this menu to select your meals. Fingers can select from the main or desserts menu for each fingering article. Curry bamboo boats, select from one of the curry boats in the main menu.

Burmesian seasonal lettuce. Myanmar lettuce with kale, cucumbers, sprouts and more. You have the following choices: Select one of the Entree or dessert articles as a 1-finger diet item. BAMBOOOT curry boot options: Select from one of the curries above. There are bamboo lettuce boot options:

Beans, potato and coriander salad. We therefore accept no liability for foods cooked for those with life-threatening or allergy.

Burmese Cafe Gluten Free | 63 St Francis Square, Daly City, CA 94015

The Burma Cafe is located in a strange, run-down mall in the heart of a neighbourhood. So we liked it and asked so many people about it that the very friendly servers sent us home with a few bins of roasted pea that made it so crispy!

Also the roasted bean curd was delicious, as was the chickens and coconuts. We' ve divided all these things (one broth can be divided for two and it's a whole amount of soup). The main course was my pasta with cloves of garden cloves and pig meat. Normal pasta was exchanged for rices to make the meal gluten-free.

He had Sriracha chickens, which was much too hot for me, but he really did enjoy it. There was a great ambience, the place was full and we were really very full and very lucky!

Nila's Burmese Café | Trafford Park

Our company prides itself on the level of customer care and the individual approach we offer. Hi, Trafford Park! Our offer includes a private in-house customer care center for take-away and seating clients, making everything fresher to order. And we also offer Myanmar cooking that is second to none in Asia. We' re one of the best beachcombers in Trafford Park.

There is a wide range of dishes with a specific variety of local cuisine. Refrigerated ready-made curry are available and are supplied from a £20 order value (i.e. approx. 4-6 servings at approx. 400g net, without rices or salads, as desired). We prepare all our sanwiches to order.

Each filling is cooked daily. Our homemade bread is supplied straight from the award-winning Barbican bakery in Chorlton. There is a range of made-to-measure plates for all events, be it a working dinner, a breakfasts gathering, an events or a particular occassion in the shop and for your own money.

Our range includes a tasty choice of bread with a large number of your favorite stuffings. Each of our lettuces are produced on site when you order, so you can select exactly what you need. There is a large choice of salt condiments.

There is also a specially made fresh lettuce of the mornings.

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