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Sixty-three Burma Cafe Saint Francis Sq, Daly City, CA 94015

Then we tried the dumplings of cloves and the roasted hard-boiled eggs with orkra. It'?s a lovely place, but a little bit of darkness. I was asked by my sibling if I wanted to try the Burmese Resto near where we are. The ambience is very beautiful, albeit very light from the sun shining through the glazed doorway.....

We ordered the food: red as red loaf roasted and dip-cherry..... my sibling ordered sheep with ordinary paddy and I had spaghetti with cloves of garden cloves..... Lamm and pasta were just fine....the highlights for us was the roasted loaf like red curried....the prize was fine. If you are looking for good, easy burmesian cuisine I can suggest this Resto.....

Marvellous meal!!!!! Excellent services and a very pleasant atmosphere. Afterwards we went to the Burma Cafe because we were close by and it turned out to be veg-friendly. Away from Southgate and near Pacific Super, Burma Cafe is an upper class place in a run-down shopping area. It' the only beautiful place there, as far as I can tell.

However, Burma Cafe is large, beautiful, cozy, has good hospitality and good dining, but with high rates. and her aubergines and toofu. The services were great, some meals were very good, there were enough car parks and the place is quiet, lovely and roomy.

Myanmar Daly City Ristorante - Review of Burma Cafe, Daly City, CA

It' been a few years since I was in Burma, so it was funny and coincidental to find this place in Daly City. Meals were good and the personnel were very cute, just like the people I saw in Myanmar. At the Burma Café we had our supper.

Burma's Empanada was crunchy, the Oh Noh Kauswer was very popular, and the Kabocha pork was very delicate. It' nice to find a Myanmar meal in this remote mall:) Sautéed vegetable stew was savoury and well seasoned, and the red wine was flaked and delicate with a nice vegetable dip dressing, which they replaced the most used.

Nevertheless, a sound 4th one just came back from a journey to Myanmar and was enjoying all kinds of cuisine. Has chosen to try Burma Cafe and was agreeably amazed at the genuineness and the very tasty cuisine. Me and my missus used to share a basin of warm and savoury mohinga broth, the Myanmar nation meal.

It was as good as Myanmar. It is ideal for preparing food. This was followed by a desert we did not try in Myanmar, a gelatine flavoured with Tapioka in the leafs of bananas. I' m in Daly City and I've never even seen this place before.

Entering the eatery, a big suprise awaits you. There are so many delicious-sounding meals on the quite comprehensive list that it is difficult to choose them. We had three of us for dinner, so we selected 3 entrées plus plateau and dips appetizers. There are two of us who don't like hot meals, and we have found many foods that match this assortment.

Lammcurry was tasty and delicate, as was the cabocha pig casserole. The servings are large, but we have chosen to eat red bread buns for desert..... just to round off the cuisine. All we had was so cool and tasteful, and the atmosphere is surprisingly serene. I' ve eaten Myanmar foods several meals and this is by far the best thing for the budget class.

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