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Myanmar Burma is one of the nominees in the category Veggie-Friendly. Myanmar Lane, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. When you like our ice creams, write us a review on our Zomato page ---> Link in the Bio! Surrounded by centuries-old Burma teak, the tapas bar continues in a beautiful open-air dining area. Myanmar Burma - The new food ambassador in Indiranagar.

Nominees for Zomato's Food Awards Part 2

Myanmar Burma is one of the nominated countries in the veggie friend group. At the beginning of this month, we reported on Zomato's new User's Choice Awards, which will be presented to the "best and most popular" grocery labels in India. They are all quite special, which could be the cause that the town' s newest hot spot, The Bombay Canteen, is nowhere to be found.

Please tell us what you think of Zomato's choice in the comment section. Breeze Lounge, Aye Dios Mio, Burma Burma, Cream Centre, Hotel Ramashray, Ithaka, Little Italy, Oven Fresh, Quesso Ristorante, Relish, Riso, The Good FoodCo. Even more amazing is the snub of the Gujarati institutes Swati Snacks and Soam, which are dominating all other grocery prices.

Matunga also lacks main pillars Cafe Madras and Cafe Mysore (although Hotel Ramashray is in combat) and all the famous throali joins included Golden Star and Thackers. If a place that specializes in just one item, like good old K. Rustom, can get a nominee, shouldn't Sweetish House Mafia, Yogurtbay and Brownie Country Of Origin also have some affection?

Yukka or Mecong in the former Palladium and San-Qi in the Four Seasons may have dropped because they were too expensive, but they won't breach your bench more than Wasabi. Have Indigo Deli and Smoke House Deli been omitted because other diners from the same owner have been called?

Cause there might have been a limitation on naming the same pub in more than one classes, which can tell why Smoke House Deli, which is up for best burger, has been omitted. So if this is a competition, where is Pali Village Cafe? It is interesting that there is not a one of them five-star restaurants.

The Take Another disputed shortlist for Pali Bhavan, Dum Pukht, Masala Library, Mirchi & Mime, Neel at the Tote on the Turf or the mid-price Kakori House, Khan-E-Khas and Urban Tadka, each a name to be reckoned with when it comes to Northern India in Mumbai.

Here you can cast your votes for the Zomato User's Choice Awards until Monday, September 7th.

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