Burma Burma Restaurant Mumbai Menu

Myanmar Burma Restaurant Mumbai Menu

Get reviews, menu and location of Burma Burma, Fort, South Mumbai, Mumbai. Reserve a table for free and get amazing restaurant offers, food and drink deals. Enjoy Asian cuisine in Fort, Mumbai. Wonderful food and service in the restaurant. Ratings of the vegetarian restaurant Burma Burma in Mumbai, India.


A typical one-shell menu made of homemade dairy products with vegetables and various topings. Uncooked escalopes of beef with fried, cool kale, salad and onions. Sago, boiled with Burma Palms, covered with chocolate and chocolate pudding. Finally, it provides the delicate sprouts of the now ripe "Camellia Sinensis", which is then skillfully picked by hands.

Every single cup of herbs and teas is professionally chosen and artistically combined to provide an extraordinary flavour. We have a selection of teas for every occasion and every occasion.

South Mumbai, Burma Burma, Fort, Mumbai Restaurants

Although Burma is a neighboring state, its kitchen is still undeveloped in India. You' ll never find a restaurant devoted to this beautiful food, but Mumbai has managed to take the blast with its only restaurant in Burma, Burma Burma. The restaurant is situated in Fort, in southern Mumbai, and is a unique restaurant that focuses entirely on Burma's people.

It is an enchanting setting that reflects the nuances of Burma's civilization in all facets of the room. You will find the whole restaurant ambience welcoming and welcoming. Although Burma cooking relies strongly on the meat-eating side, Burma is one hundred per cent vegetable. This restaurant is popular because of the great meals and the charm of its facilities, but it is more than that.

They' ve captured the heart of Burma's civilization and revealed it in southern Mumbai. Colorful meals are gently wraped in handmade bananas and often combined with typical burmesian cuisine. Rinse everything with Burma Burma's spectacular local flavored Tees like flavors of flavored red and lemon grass.

At the end of this amazing trip to Burma, try your Myanmar Malooda and chocolate mousse. Burma Burma is a charming endeavor that enchants and reassures you like Buddha praying mills welcoming you at the doors.

We' ve reviewed Burma Burma's new menu

It has been 3 years since Burma Burma opened in Fort and has established itself as a favorite restaurant for the town and the neighborhood. One of the old favorites is the typical tea leaf salad, which is a favourite among local people. In Burma Burma we started our dinner with Bubble Tea, part of the new menu.

Whilst the flavor of the flavor of the coconut was quite delicate, the originals have a bold tast. It is a sure but interesting wager, with the soothing flavor underlined by the delicate flavor and delicious structure of tapiokablas. Leaf lettuce is Burma's favorite food. The lettuce had a crisp textured finish and was blended by us under their vigilant eye as they were telling us about the particular compound that goes into it.

Approximately 80% of the Burmese tealeaves go into the production of the lapheth basis for this tasty, healthy vegetable covered with roasted onions. The next one was a daring marinated gingerbread Salat - its marinated taste of babies' Gingerbread is striking and is hardly retained for crispy by the mild salat, tomato and various walnuts.

Back to their new menu, we got the wok tossed potatoes, cooked with barren chilies and curcuma sauces. It has a special kind of wheat and wheat starch, which makes its taste more interesting than a normal roast potatoe horca. You can order this more spicy tee and use it in combination with Bubble Tee for a balanced texture dinner.

Tossed Potato has a unique crisp textured finish. A minimalist interpretation of khowuey with long, lightweight pasta in fine curried tomatoes and thick chocolate mousse. The next was a sticky rice, barbecued in sheets and filled with a stuffing of your choosing. It is a beautiful order for its ease, packaged with taste, and you can even order different stuffings in the same order, so that each reel is adaptable.

Others are masalas, Burma salsas and even lema-bean! Then we finished the dinner with a coco pina wrapped around a cooled pudding of coconuts. Caramelised pineapples and their foams give the product a different taste and a totally different mouthfeel. This high installable food is discreet and even with its dramatically frozen display.

Overall, Burma's menu is the same high standard we know the restaurant is a success. It is strongly recommended to order Tohu Mash with paratha, grilled sticky rice and bubble teas to clean everything.

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