Burma Burma Restaurant Menu

Myanmar Burma Restaurant Menu

Gurgaon's popular All-Veg Restaurant has a new menu. Myanmar Burma Restaurant & Tea Room, New Delhi Picture: Similar to Burma Burma Restaurant DLF Cyber Hub. Your tea menu is a tribute to this culture. When there is a plan to build a successful restaurant, Burma has it.

What is behind the new menu in Burma Burma?

Myanmar Burma, Fort's much-loved restaurant is in charge of many satisfactory cuisine. It is one of those few new places where veggie cuisine is thoroughly satisfactory, has a uniquely delicious taste and still tastes good. In the recently launched new menu, we spoke to chef Ansab Khan and Ankit, the caterers behind Burma Burma, about their trips around the state.

Where did the brainchild come from to visit Burma for the new menu? The start menu in Burma Burma was largely inspired by the specialities of the Rangoon area. Three years later we wanted to explore Burma for a greater diversity of tastes. Head Chef Ansab:

Our aim was to present a greater diversity of tastes and to gain a better understanding of the diversity of Burma's cuisine. We have found incomparable Myanmar cuisine, from tasting cuisines in each city to dining in townhouses. What is the difference between dining and cuisine in Bagaan, Mandalay and the Inhe Lake area?

Head Chef Ansab: Tohu or chickpeas pie, for example, is a speciality of the Shan area and we have made it into a tohu puree with flaky paratha. Is it possible to tell a layperson about Burma foods and their influence? Head Chef Ansab: Burma's neighboring states of India and Bangladesh have been influenced by these kitchens, while the Shan state neighboring China tends towards their tastebuds.

Myanmar has a multi-cultural gastronomic environment where different ethnic groups live. Will the shortage of places to eat change the recipe for Burma Burma? Myanmar's restaurant area is very disorganized, similar to 30 years ago in India. Head Chef Ansab: Neither the formulation nor the basic ingredient is changed.

Could you tell us your best eating and drinking memories of the journey? The best time we had to eat was when we left Burma on the way to the aiport. Cook Ansab and Ankit with escorts at a Myanmar teashop. Isn' t it as important for Burma as it is in Burma?

It feels like Delhi Dinners like to get more out of a restaurant by having all facets, i.e. tea and desserts, in place of eating. Chef, can you help us order your favorite meals from the start menu and the new menu? Head Chef Ansab: I used to like Budhi Kya from the old menu.

There was crisp and nutritious snacks all the time and from the new menu, I loved marinated tealeaf and tofu stir-fry. Did you try the new menu in Burma Burma?

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