Burma Burma Restaurant Fort

Myanmar Burma Restaurant Fort

This restaurant is too small. Fashionable Burmese restaurant near the Bombay Stock Exchange. An authentic Burmese vegetable restaurant that offers you authentic Burmese cuisine. There are Khow Suey and Bao stations and a tea room. Myanmar Burma is the most beautiful Asian and Burmese restaurant I have ever visited, especially in Mumbai.

Review of the restaurant: Myanmar Burma - Vegetarian Burma and Teesalon

Not only because our all-new Prime Minister "vegetarian chhe", but because this two weeks old, all-new Myanmar (hold your breath) restaurant has it worth. Controversies over authentication (Burmese cooking is mostly non-vegetarian) could last forever. Plus shells over the colored, beautiful Mandira Bedi vegetable delicacy.

She is so magnetized by this vegan coming that she takes herself free for her TV shows, company functions, charitable work and creating breathtaking saris to travel around the city and eat here. Another dedicated and widely traveled vegetable connoisseur is London-based Sunil Sheth, who runs the one-of-a-kind Princess Anne fundraiser for people with dual disabilities who are deaf-blind.

Of ( "backlit") sunshades suspended from the top (on the ceiling), a panel with a "prayer wheel", spots of color from Myanmar lacquer, etc. - Free Wi-Fi, and a TV-video. Whether they use the prevailing non-vegetarian food components of Burma cooking, seafood oils, etc. They cook masterly flavors of chili and onion, knob blycomb, and burmesian Yessa herbs.

Khao Suey Kokoscurry with pasta and spices (fried onion, nimbus etc.) just over passports and could use more punches. Rigid bean curd roasted with bean curd and lusterless Myanmar falooda. New Fort √Čatery (Rs 1,500 for two) distills the ghost of Burma in its earthen, timbers.

Although not genuine for non-vegetarian cooking, it offers delicious, unexpected contrast and aromas in its aroma. It' a win, but will this new tearoom and veggie restaurant (like our veggie prime minister) work? House Kothari, Off MG Road, near Allana Centre, Fort.

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