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That restaurant seemed busy when we came in. Myanmar Burma Restaurant & Tea Room, Mumbai Picture: Burmese Burma Restaurant and Tea Room, Gurugram (Gurgaon) image: You will find reviews, menu and location of BURMA BURMA, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon. Burmese Burma Restaurant and Tea Room, Gurugram (Gurgaon) image:

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That restaurant was the first place I ever tasted Myanmar cuisine. That restaurant seemed preoccupied when we came in. We had to wait some minutes before we could order, because the whole restaurant was very bustling. Aubergines, aubergine, cloves, spaghetti with roast goose, Burma ice tea and a small light cured light canapé.

The aubergine and cloves are my favourite. Myanmar ice teas were slightly harder than Thai ice teas, but had a distinctive aroma. I' d suggest anyone who hasn't tried Myanmar cuisine. I' ll probably try to find more Myanmar eateries after I try. Well, I haven't had dinner at the restaurant, I just came to pick it up.

Loving her lettuce. I' m really craving this lettuce! I' m guessing they're vegetable and vegetable kind and ask if I want to remove the prawn sod. The next favourite on the menue is roasted pinseapple-ripe ("no egg")! I' ve tried the para-tah, which is similar to the root in Thai cuisine.

Favour the Thai style of the vegetarian one. I also tried her spaghetti, which surprised me. Pasta was thin as a stick of thai, but made out of eggs. It' s like the thick pasta they use in Philippine or Flemish cuisine.

By the time I get there, my lunch will be waiting to be picked up. Me and my man enjoy eating Myanmar foods, so we've tried almost every place in Burma. Here are some specialities like sharks and embossed jalapño chickens that I haven't seen in other places. We' ve had all 3 trips and are planning to make this our basic nutrition!

Myanmar Burma is the new restaurant that has taken over the sick Yummy Yummy Noodle in Dublin. Situated right next to Hana Japan, it is a pleasant complement to the Tri Valley restaurant world. There has been little change compared to the existing restaurant equipment, but the restaurant menus, meals and services have continued to improve. Your favorite Myanmar staple is on the list.

So we ordered the tealeaf lettuce and the chicken-pumpkin casserole, both of which were above the marketable. A full range of services with a hosting, management and alert server make Burma Burma a viable choice in the Tri-Valley. Beautiful setting right on San Ramon Valley Road, genuine Myanmar cooking. Furnishings of the restaurant are quite high quality, a good place for a relaxed date or a good place to spend the evening with mates.

It offers an extraordinary tealeaf lettuce, which is only worthwhile for the display and mixture of the ingedients. While the prawns and hen legs briyani:grilled prawns, hen legs over their spiced ricef! I' d describe Myanmar cuisine as a mixture of Thai, Indian and Vietnamese. We' ve tried the burmesian bovine meat shot.

It was spicy and had slices of potatoes and veal, but some of the cattle were hard and beefy. However, the Burmesian Indian spice rices were a good match. We were not told what all the trimmings were when the bartender presented the lettuce at our dinner tables before our waitress made it.

Somehow the Salat tasted boring. Tealeaf also came to our dinner with all the food separate, but again they weren't told, so I have no clue what's inside except an eclectic mixture of crisp peanuts, seed, salad and balls of fermentations.

Burma's pads were saltier rather than cute. While I had the Myanmar ale, I couldn't see what was different about it. A permanent place for eating Myanmar without having to go far if you want to eat proper Myanmar cooking, but I think the eating experience could be a little better.

but it was definitely loud at the restaurant. Good coconut rices were boiled to perfection, roasted plantains were tasty, calamari was surprisingly good with perfect roasted dough, lettuce was at the top, and chickens could have used some more flavour, but overall it was quite good.

The mango chickens were delicate, but I think it was a little too cute. Meal dough - Durum spaghetti was clearly better than other stains, but there was still a lack of taste, and the fish was overboiled and soaked in sauces. Myanmar ice teas taste good: various spices for curries.

Curried chickens come with paddy, select between Jasmin, Braun or Kokosreis, but without vegetables. The garlic pasta with canard is very garlic, too much my man couldn't use. Burma is a country I like because I enjoy Burma cooking. Thought it could really substitute Kyain Kyain out in Fremont (so that I could slumber it and never kick out of Dublin again), but I'm sorry to be a 3. 5 debby downner & give Burma Burma a:( I found the nutrition altogether to be a bit savoury.

It was great that the waitress took the liberty of explaining the content of the TEA LEAF SALAD and mixing it in front of us, but it can't be compared to Kyain Kyain's premixed one! Coconut ice was my favourite.... so coconut - think of home-made glutinous brown biscuits without the steamed fruit and condense milt.

While this modest restaurant doesn't have much kerb appetite, once you go in, it's a whole different game. It is a good sized restaurant with small stands on the side and a central dining area. At regular intervalls our servers inspected us, replenished our waters and blended our teasalad (which can be quite common).

Dinner was really good. There were three of us and we got three lunches and lettuce. Teasalad: like a groundnut lettuce that takes two indents. Mangos: slightly cute with a touch of mangos. A very succulent basil beef: firm course of curried chicken: not a big dram, but it was delicious We also had the burmesian sake to one of the cuisines.

Next I want to try the sherbet rib. BOURMESE COUISINE bourmese couisine similar to hawaiian-influenced couisine about 3 month ago my boyfriend and I came here by chance. However, when this place was full, my boyfriend and I went around this place and found Burma Burma. I' m not acquainted with Burma cooking.

Thought the kitchen might have been Indian-style. If you have no foreshadowing of a kitchen, you should exercise caution to research it. I ordered the Village Catfish and the pasta for the fishing, which my boyfriend Myanmar Pad Thai chose. Surprisingly, the meal was Burma's Pad Thai.

Thought it was similar to the padstihai I ordered from Thai caterers. The special thing about this meal was the seafood dressing that was put into the pasta. This salinity of the seafood dressing has given this meal a thrill.

Village Catfish had a curried structure that saturated the catfish's meat. We ordered coconut pudding for desert. I really enjoyed the Myanmar Pad Thai and Coconut Pudding. The primary reason I came back was coconut pudding. Approximately two week before I came back from Hawaii, where I tasted different cuisine.

Hawaii is distinguished by the different ethnic groups - Japan es, Koreans, Chinese, Filipinos and Portuguese - that contribute to the culinary world. This is what I found out about Burma cooking, how the Chinese, Indians and Thais helped with its cuisines. It' appropriate that I wanted to come back from Hawaii to enjoy Burma dinner.

I and my boyfriend ordered salt and pepper calamari, garlic pasta with fried duck, basil and dried chilli beef and coconut pudding. One of the things I noticed was the garlic pasta. All the pasta from the meal was mellow as pasta in no time. And yet this noodle meal was no broth.

The roasted sliced ducks give the savoury taste of the garlic. Coconut pudding was, as I recalled the last time I had it, except for the egg. I' d recommend that if you want to maximise your Burmese cuisine, you have supper in Burma Burma.

Yesterday evening we had lunch in Burma Burma and it was still tasty and the waiters are just as good! We' ve ordered to go a few things since our first trip and the meal is well packed. Favourite old palata with curried chickens, hot peppers, savoury peppers, and roasted chilli meat and lemon peel.

Afterwards we tasted zamosas, prawns and aubergines, pad thai and embossed jalapño-hen. This jalapño coined chickens I really loved. and I liked the minty taste with the chick. Also the Pad Thai was tasty. That was less cute and tastier than Thai Pad Thai and I like Burma's one.

I was disappointed with the eggplants and prawns. It tasted good, but the prawn was overcooked and the food floated in olive wood. I' ve been to Burma twice and I can't wait to get back! I ate in two Burma food outlets in San Francisco, and I like Burma Burma in Dublin.

Favourite meals are the tea leaf salad and the Burmesian garlic noodles with roasted duck. However, I also tasted Burma shrimp and Burma Burma string beans. Excellent services and good meals and large servings at a good rate. I' m having pigs' sake to go with a bottle of coccoos.

I' ve got enough for two. Teasalad (5/5 stars) - I'm not one for lettuce, but that wasn't shit! Knoblauchnudel (2/5) - This was the simplest meal we had. These are good for infants who enjoy pasta ol.

It would be so good about paddy. I' m happy we split it, because I can say that it can be a really hard meal, because of the micelli and the curry. It' a great dinner and the services are great! Burmesian cannabis lettuce is tasty! it is so lightweight and delicate in taste.

Eggs and lady curries were tasty. A perfect seasoning for the tomato-based sauces. I could have eaten the cream and been so glad. Best meal must have been the bird and the prawn bird. This one-pot contains cashew, so there was a hazelnut flavour and so tasty to eating with it.

Poultry lobe was boiled to perfection, the flesh fell off the bones. But the boiled rices made of homemade cow's nuts were different! It' a spicy syrupy red pepper sauce. Meals - 5 star for their large selection of tasty meals. I like tea leaf salad with prawn soda.

It feels like I'm being dined in a fancy restaurant, minus the cost. It is spicy, comes in large portions and is inexpensive. Burma's cooking is currently boiling - and this lunchtime I was joining some of my work mates to taste Burma Burma, which recently opened in Dublin.

A few moments before midday the roomy restaurant was almost empty, but quickly full. Scanning the meal to find an original Burma meal, my eyes ended up on Nan Gyi Dok ($12) - pasta with curried coconuts, golden beans, coriander, onion, roasted onion, roasted wonton, lime, fish gravy and a slice of hard-boiled sausage.

The Nan Gyi Dok came first - our servers pointed it out to me with pride - "Noodles, curried coconuts, beans, onion, wonton, lime, fish gravy, hard-boiled eggs, coriander - any allergy? Pasta and chickens were beautifully prepared, the yeast dried beans and seafood sauces were new and delicious, the bulbs and roasted pork wonton provided a crisply textur.

That' s what all the excitement about Burma eating is about, I thought, brazenly scrubbing my dish to the last bite without knowing the judgmental eye of my mates. Thanks Burma Burma, for an awesome experiance this afternoon. Awesome.

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