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Myanmar Burma Mumbai

Egyptian cuisine at Bayroute in Mumbai. A media report says Burma Burma, a Burmese restaurant will soon open in Fort Mumbai. Continue reviews, recommendations from real customers from Burma Burma Mumbai. A foretaste of Burma in Mumbai's Fort Area at Burma's stylish restaurant. Myanmar Burma Restaurant Tea Room;

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Myanmar Burma

Nourished by her grandfather's story about his Burma-India adventure during the Second World War, this writer's association with the area goes slightly further than an ungrammed Khao Suey film. Nevertheless, anxious to grab a dignified photo and tell a few story, we set off for Burma Burma, a new veggie - wheezing - Myanmar style place in Fort.

Featuring writings on the walls, umbrellas on the ceilings and praying rollers in a single nook, Burma fascinates Burma with beautiful detail and is careful not to overpower. We started our dinner with a story from Burma and the Samuza Hincho, a spicy vegetable and chickpea broth and a smooth Myanmar style of samosa.

It tastes like a mild variation of spicy raham with a smooth samossa dough. Burma Burma is planning to have a Khow Suey take-away desk in a few month. but we were still inquisitive, an on-going Myanmar investigation that lead to Pyan Boo Palata.

It is a baskets of flaked malabari paratha-like roti with a tasty smooth maize porridge of creamed coconuts, scallions and chilli in the middle. We ended our search for the net with the Oh No Khow Suey. A little too cuddly for our taste, this dish had too much of a lot of chocolate and could have made do with a more spectacular garnish.

Finally there was a Myanmar Falooda, cooled coir milks with biscuit cakes, coir jellies & lotsus kernels and a jug of fruit chewing jellies. Over the next few month, the chef is planning to begin to sell the tee they are serving, as well as Burma artwork and even a Khow Suey takeaway.

Groundfloor, 5/7, Kothari House, Allana Center Lane, near Mumbai University, Fort, Rs 2,347 for a food for three. anonymous evaluations and pay his own food.

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