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Myanmar Burma Menu

Visit the menu of BURMA BURMA, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon. Gurgaon's popular All-Veg Restaurant has a new menu. Myanmar Burma Restaurant & Tea Room, New Delhi Picture: Browse our complete menu online and have a look at our lunch menu. ("a fact that surprised me"), with several Jain offers on the menu!

Retrospect of Burma Burma Restaurant & Tea Room, Mumbai, India

Myanmar Burma is one of those places that have chosen to launch one of the rarest cuisines in Mumbai - Burmese and to complement it, they have chosen to go Pure-Vegetarian, which is like a scarce GEM. You will also be serving Jain Nutrition and it is a heaven for Jain Nutritionists.

According to our research, this is the only Burmese veggie place in Mumbai City; it is situated in the small alleys of Fort in Kothari House, Allana Centre Lane, MG Road, behind Mumbai University. The place offers Burmese Asiatic veggie delicacies and is also very much loved in Mumbai, so we suggest you reserve the tables in advanced to find room.

There is a high seat for small children and infants. It is a beautifully furnished and well-covered place with colorful praying mills, puppets, atmosphere lighting, rain shades on the top and almost an whole room with Buddha-statures. Restuarant goes all the way to make you at the Burmese ERA nook.

One of the best places for Burma cuisine, this is also one of those who have kept its menu secret and away from Zomato until today, so it is restricted only to its guests, but it will definitely not let you down once you are inside. Your menu is comprehensive and interspersed with photographs of Burma's cultural life.

Featuring sitting comfort and a pleasant atmosphere with gentle jazzmusic in the back, the place contributes to relaxed, delicious Myanmar food. At the beginning we ordered Discocolate bubbles teas, which had the absolute right taste and we liked its taste together with the round scoops we had to bite and have.

The next thing we ordered was the one-of-a-kind Mandalay Laphet Thoke (tea leaf salad), which was delicious and crunchy. Starters were prepared with 4 kinds of chutney (Tamarind Garlic Coriander Sauce, Rose Chili Sauce, Peanut Chili Sauce and Black Bean Sauce).

Next serving Naan Pe Bya (Burmese Naan with Creamy Pea) was germinated peas mash with herbs, coir milks and browns, consumed with Burmese naan - the flavour was totally edible with the thick and soft triangle shaped naan, which gives a completely different flavour and flavour and the flavour bud is sufficient - a very recommendable and absolute one!

The next orders were Brown Onion & Chilly Brown Bun, which were stewed rolls with toasted chillies and bulbs, and Jain Tangy Springs Vegetable Bun, which were both appetising - like stewed mini-dabelis. Myanmar Burma Oh No Khow Suey was next on order, composed of shallow boiled noodles in a thick coir of coir and served with 6 different spices, namely cilantro, scallions, caramelized onion, savoury peanut, roast cloves of apple and lemon.

It' s hard to find this ideal mixture of properly boiled coir milks, not too thin but not too thick; it' s just right when it' s accompanied by vegetables in the broth and the cook here. Serve in a serving tureen, it looks more like pasta broth, but its thick and soft stuffing and its One of the best Khow Sueys ever ate.

This is a very recommendable meal that you should definitely try when you come over here! Then we ordered one of the best dishes again - Masala Potato Grill filled with Sticky Chicken which was presented in an amazing way and included viscous red and white chili and onions, barbecued with bankana-leaves.

It is another meal that is very recommendable! Finally we ordered Heart Cooler, a teaspoonful of homemade chocolate, teaspoonfuls of chocolate and chocolate, a chocolate, a coconut cream with a touch of tapioka and small slivers of sweet bread soaked in it - we used to love the bite of fruits that came in every spoon of thisdess. The dining experiences are made by the staff who serve you the meals and the meals you are eating, and this place is one of the best ways to make you happy and savour the delicious cuisine.

All in all, the meal was a mouthful - each meal has its own taste, which was quite tasty. It is a one-of-a-kind, imaginative and nicely presented meal. They were very friendly, kind, courteous and offered excellent proposals, had a thorough understanding of the meal and help us to order the best dishes on the menu - the services are timely and the meals are on time.

The amount and serving for each dish was ample and the dishes were of a very high standard. A thank-you to the eatery, the cook and the personnel for a great culinary event and a clear suggestion to all of you. It is an essential must not to miss.

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