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Myanmar Burma Kala Ghoda

University of Mumbai, MG Road, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai. The Allana Centre, MG Road, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai. Bakehouse Cafe (kala ghoda, mumbai)In "Continental Cuisine". Myanmar Burma Restaurant & Tea Room: It is located in one of the alleys of Kalaghoda's Gastro-Epizentrum.

How to get to Mandalay is through Burma Burma

Myanmar Burma is a Fort vegetable place that is serving, as the name implies, Myanmar cuisine. For the best Kow Kuey outside Myanmar, there is a lively area in Randher, Surat's old Islamic outskirts opposite the Tapi. However, when I am eaten up by intensive cravings - and a four-hour trip to another state seems like a trip - I simply jump on the locomotive to Fort to reach the coconuttiest, crispiest, most spicy Kow Zuey in the city.

The move in Burma Burma is like a jump - not only across the borders, but also over the years. In addition to the common perpetrators, delicious dishes such as turkey boo palata (cream cheese with crunchy Burma paratha) and tayat thi thoke (raw chilli and kale escalopes with mango) will make sure you don't miss your tippel and thangdi.

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Myanmar Burma, Mumbai

We were a little skeptical about the food in Burma Burma, a specialty food place in Mumbai that only served vegeterian flavours of local Myanmar food. Not only does Burma achieve very high standard nirvanapoints, it must also be included in the shortlist immediately if you are a predator by definition.

Burma's love of detail is laudable. You know why it took Ankit Gupta more than four years to create the Tar Room style approach to Burma, from the lovely praying mills and chotchkes lining the minimalistic wall to the biscuits and sweet biscuits of sunflowers serving with cereals.

Burmese Burma interior. Usually we don't eat salad in places with a long menu of starters and main courses, but we like the Mandalay Laphet Thoke Tea Leaf Salad, the Gin Thoke Pickled McGinger Salad, the Sayukthee Thoke Grapefruit Salad and the Tayat Thi Thoke Raw Mango Salad. We favoured it because it contained many acidic splinters of gingerbread, crispy roasted lenses and onion.

The net was the suitably labeled Burma Burma Oh No Khow Suey (Rs.290). Rs.2,589 was charged for an excessively soft supper for three people, which included a bowl of broth, lettuce and appetizer, three main courses, a drink, a pudding and a teapot.

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