Burma Burma Fort

Myanmar Burma Fort

Allana Centre Lane, ARJ Allana Marg, MG Road, Fort. Myanmar Burma offers a new wave of contemporary Burmese cuisine over a cup of tea. Myanmar Burma Restaurant & Tea Room. Chin are an ethnic group in Burma (Myanmar) who are persecuted for ethnic and religious reasons. Burmese Burma Restaurant and Tea Room, Fort (Mumbai).

Myanmar Burma, Fort, Mumbai

With no shortage of dining in Mumbai with a rich variety of cuisine, Burma's cuisine has hardly been affected in a fistful of Pan-Asian cuisine. Burma-enterprise, the baby of Ankit Gupta and Chirag Chhaher, who made this mystic,'spiritual' Myanmar hermit totally vegan. Featuring 4 years of research and re-visit of Ankit's ancient Myanmar heritage, the chefs serve genuine Myanmar cuisine, from the acclaimed Khao Suey to a tasty Myanmar folk meal, all made with local produce that has been import from the United States.

Burma tea room tea room chai is served in Burma while dining, from the simplest to the most delicious. Whether before the dinner or during the dinner, there are different types of Burma Cherish Burma is designed to preserve the mentally sophisticated ambience of the dining room and not to be affected by it.

In most of the eateries, the lounge area has been substituted by a lounge area, where visitors can go on foot and savour fresh vegetable dishes with a warm saucer. While it may seem like a hermit, the place is aimed at all listeners and ages and tells them that vegetarians can be beautifully stylish.

Dining is plain, lightweight and lightweight on the taste buds, with great care for Burma's genuine look, with flower sunflowers, praying mills and teapots to prepare it. Ankit Gupta has researched and warm-heartedly served genuine local vegetable dishes with Myanmar-influenced interior decorations and small details about the area.

Whilst the coastline of Burma (Myanmar) makes it difficult to explore a veggie restaurant, we are challenging the carnivorous animals to try this place and immediately fell in lovemind.

Myanmar Burma - Fort - 21 Tips

Fantastic dinner. Try the Burmese falafel, Khow Suey and the sticky salsa sauces ("forget the name"). The meal was very different from the normal vegetable feed..... I was a hard-core non-veggie and really loved the meal... The dessert was the customary..... For the last time, you should take the marinated gingerbread to clean your taste buds before eating.

Taste the very interesting variant of the dried version of her! Terrific meal, place d'ossim, n personnel so too gud!!!!!!

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