Burma Burma Cyber Hub

Myanmar Burma Cyber Hub

Burma Burma speciality restaurant serves Burmese vegetarian delicacies. Booking Burma Burma Restaurant at DLF Cyber Hub, Gurgaon, best for birthday party, company party, first birthday party, bachelor party, cocktail party, party. Myanmar Burma, Cyber Hub, Gurgaon, Haryana. But this restaurant is lost in the close combat of the Cyber Hub. First floor, DLF Cyber Hub, Gurgaon.

Myanmar Burma opens in Cyber Hub, Gurgaon

Delhi NCR's latest member of the Delhi NCR is a very popular Myanmar based Fort in Mumbai - Burma Burma opened at the Cyber Hub, Gurgaon! You will find this veteran location with a complete meal. Yes, you got it right - Burma Burma only serve veggie, but it is still one of the most popular places to eat in Mumbai and now also in Delhi.

I was in Mumbai and tried her curry, paddy and khow suey, never exploring the other areas of the meal like soup and sauces. Been trying a bunch at the Cyber Hub Output, and oh my God, I'm an absolute big fans of the place again. You have many newcomers to the Delhi menus, and they are all excellent!

It has a very spicy, tasty flavour with a thrill at the end. Tomatoes base with a velvet dipped in the broth. Myanmar Burma has a sample towel for lettuce that everyone here should definitely order! Three lettuces in this - Raw Mango Lettuce, Tea Leaf and Sunflower Leaves & Crispy Wheat Flake Salsads.

However, tealeaf is my favorite, because I have never eaten anything like this before. It is made from leafy teas and tomato, a variety of salads and a slightly tart taste. BEST green pepper sauce on the list! This was not far behind the rough mango crust.

A lot of people on the dinner plate picked Sunflower Laves & Crispy Wheelat flakes lettuce as their favorite, and it was a great resource! Bulbs, buckwheat onion, tomato, paprika, different kinds of leaf, crunchy white flour and a beautiful display! Also a very satisfying meal. Brown onion and fried, steamed rolls are my favorite cuisine.

It is self-explaining, but you can't even begin to understand how good the caramelized onion is. It is a meal that can be melted in the palate because the stewed rolls are so tender. Kokosnussreis with peanut chutney is a very subtle seasoned plate for all who want a simple, not too difficult meal.

Burmese fried paddy with vegetable flavored camry is too good. He has a nice flavour balanced and the otherwise mild flavoured paddy reaches a completely new high. It is not strong or aromatic, it is aromatic, it enhances the flavour of travel.

There is a different view of Oh No Khowsuey, which is the classical Burmese judge. I tried four sweets, two of which I liked, but I can overtake the other two. These two I can happen to happen are hard-core Burmese Heart Cooler - that was a milk-based desert with coir jelly in it.

I never got the flavor for it, although I tried it several time. That pudding had no flavor, no aroma, no candy. Two of the sweets I liked were Durian Ice Cream and Smokey Avocado and Honey Ice Cream. It is a product that smells and tastes so spicy in its uncooked state that it is forbidden in some states.

This one was a very gentle variation of Durian, but oh my God, what a great flavor! Smokey avocado and honey ice cream was even better than Durian ice cream. Delicious, crème ice cream with such excellent components! I think Burma Burma has the best cocktail in town.

Blossom is a water melon bouillon beverage withranberry juice. Myanmar Burma is also a teahouse, and you will love its wide selection of beans! I have tried her lavender-based verdant infusion and even if I crave only sparkling verdant infusions and don't feel like eating, I will still travel the route from Delhi to Gurgaona and see Burma for her beans.

This is a really good place, the personnel is very familiar with the materials and the menus and is well prepared to help you with your proposals.

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