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and mountain civilizations within Burma. Built from Myanmar origins, the full flavour and aroma you will enjoy in every mouthful reflect a fusion of the all-encompassing Nouvelle Asiaticuisine. It promises nothing but a dazzling flavour from Myanmar. It serves vegetable dishes with a unique flavour and flavour that will not distract you from it.

As soon as you step into Burma, you can feel the power of Burma's strong root, which is reflected in the decoration, ambience and aroma that is spreading throughout the room. Burma's significant puppet walls, the tribe stick, the hessian chandelier and the mudslide artifacts that represent Burma's wealthy people.

During the current year of the Burma New Year from June 5th to 22nd we attended the Thingyan. Sitting in the centre of the Restro, our pit began with the aromas of newly boiled teas with extraordinary flavours. It was a very tasty and smelly disinfectant with steamed leaves.

The course began with their "Roasted Paprika Lotus Stem Crisp", dressed with peanuts in a jute fan server, which was surprisingly tasty and apt. For myself, I love her Myanmar Blossom Mocktail, a berry-like beverage with a touch of watermelon, cranberry and a touch of roses. A vegetarian paradise, these non-veg like soy wheat kebabs are accompanied by a tasty and aromatic di-deg.

It was a surprising deaser of the Khow Suey in miniaturized state. Snuggled pasta with concentrated broth and micro-green and every bit reminiscent of the precise taste of the famous "Khow Suey". Burmesian bread variety as onions, crispy leaf s, spice and specific herbs comes in its traditionally flavoured hessian butterflavor.

Serve with 4 different types of dip, from warm to cold, to savour different temperatures at every morsel. They both had a delicate flavour and flavour. The Shwepayon hoko (pumpkin and base oil soup) was a Russian golden colour with a nice structure and light sweeteness. It is a nice symbiosis of small potato that looks and tastes like ducks.

Its creamy consistency and the strong taste and structure of the handmade pasta made it a wonderful delicacy. Although we had a little bit as big as Khow Suey, we still longed for genuine and tradition. With so many new flavours to try, we were ready to try some special Burmese desserts. Smokey illusions and strong aromas make this desert its trademark.

Its soft, mellow flavour with little sweetening and softness, with a soft honeysuckle on top, provides a flawless finish and makes it look amazing.

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